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Favorite Concert Photos of 2019

By Will Oliver, December 18th 2019 — with 1 comment

Mac DeMarco at Brooklyn Steel (September 19) by Will Oliver

From January to December, we cover quite a few shows here on this blog. It’s funny to think back to when we were simply blogging about music, without ever intending to ever enter the concert coverage game. But now it’s our primary focus.

Our team of photographers spend many nights a year out in the biggest and smallest rooms in New York, in the confines of a photo pit or surrounded by our fellow music lovers. Our cameras and shutters take a collective beating year in and year out and so it’s only fitting for me to go through the wide variety of shows that we covered this year and picked all of my favorite shots of the year.
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Will’s Best Films of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 18th 2019

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]
I heard a lot from people that 2018 was a weak year for film. I also heard that it was a great one. Who knows what is what. But what I do know is that there were plenty of films that stuck with me this year and as usual, if you took the time to dig around outside of the big-budget spectacles there were plenty of great films with worthy stories to explore. Read the rest of this entry »

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2019

We’ve let 2018 simmer for a bit and have spent time still revisiting some of our favorites albums of 2018 as well as our favorite songs. As fun as it is to pick my favorite albums of the year, there’s something much more freeing about choosing songs. It’s a chance to highlight even more artists, maybe an artist whose album you couldn’t quite get into but they had that one song that was simply too good to resists. Or a new artist that struck a chord with you out of the blue, who reminds you of why you starting a music blog in the first place.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 4th 2019 — with 1 comment

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]

Another year has passed us and to be quite honest, we aren’t sure where it went. But there was plenty of good music to help us get through the year, which was a trying one in many regards.

But despite the proclamations of the most pessimistic listeners out there, there was plenty of great albums released this year. You also may have heard that this was the year of women making killer records and we are proud to notice that nearly half of the albums on this list are either from solo female artists or a female-fronted band. So they weren’t lying.

Without further ado, here are my 50 favorite albums of 2018, along with a few honorable mentions.
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Favorite Concert Photos of 2018

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2018

When I started this blog 10 years ago (yes, it’s really been that long), my goal was just to share some new music with my friends and anyone that would listen. It turns out a few people ended up wanting to listen. But the goal was never more than that, which makes our transition to live music photography and coverage such a surprising development, even today. It’s funny to think that we primarily operate in that format now.

Thinking back at those days running this on Blogspot, I never saw any of this in the plans, let along anyone else joining the team, as it was just me. But here we are in 2018 and we now have over 20 photographers who contribute to the site – a number that is spectacular and stunning.

This isn’t a way to pat ourselves on the back, but rather a way to celebrate all the hard work and passion that all of these people have put into this site. We covered a lot of ground in 2018, more so anyone, including myself, ever thought possible.

Below you can find a huge selection of photos from throughout the year posted in chronological order, some of our favorites photos that were taken by our tired shutters throughout 2018. A huge thank you to all the photographers on our team, we look forward to whatever 2019 brings our way.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Shows Of 2018

By Will Oliver, December 30th 2018

I spent a good chunk of 2018 at concerts. Try nearly 58% of the entire year was spent in some of the best places on earth: concert halls. From festivals and the big rooms like MSG and Barclays Center to the smaller clubs and intimate venues, some of the best memories I had all year were made in those rooms.

I saw over 200 shows this year, so you can imagine how hard it was to pick a top 50, and to find some way to rank them all. But I widdled it down and without further ado, here are the best 50 shows I saw in 2018:
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Will’s Best Films Of 2017

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2018

Will's Best Films of 2017

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]

2017 was a strong year for film. There were a ton of emotional indie films that broke out at film festivals, as well as the big budget comic book movies that did their job and entertained the masses. Too often, I see lists that lean all the way one way or the other. To me, the beauty of cinema is seeing the worth of every film and going into each one with a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind. Read the rest of this entry »

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs Of 2017

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2018

[artwork by Anthony Bauer]

And the time has come for the one post that all my friends actually read on these here pages, my best (or favorite) songs of 2017. These are the songs that I obsessed over throughout all of last year and many are still getting heavy rotation into the new one.

You’ll find select highlights from many of the albums that appeared on my best albums list but also a few new acts who blossomed or select songs that stood out on albums that didn’t quite shine as bright. Either way, I hope that you find at least one new song or artist that you didn’t know beforehand and that they make your day that much brighter. Thanks again for sticking around with us for another year and here’s to a bigger and better year in 2018.

As usual, the list is posted in a countdown format from 100-1 and I have made a Spotify playlist which you can find here or embedded at the very end of the post. All the songs are in there except for Ty Segall’s “Orange Color Queen,” as the album is not on Spotify.

Without further ado, here are my favorite songs from 2017:
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Best Albums of 2017: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 12th 2018 — with 1 comment

Before we dive into my favorite albums of 2017, lets quickly visit some of the years best EP’s.  There were a lot of really fantastic EP’s released this year but that doesn’t mean any of these skimped out on quality.  Here are my favorite, or most listened to EP’s of 2017:
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Best Songs of 2017: Anthony’s Picks

By Anthony Bauer, January 11th 2018

This ‘top 100 songs of 2017’ post could have easily been ‘top 200 songs of 2017’ due to the insane (yet absolutely amazing) amount of great music that was released this past year.  While it is near impossible to listen to it all, here were my favorite 100 songs from 2017 (with a bonus 5, because… why not?):
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