An Interview With The Beths

By Will Oliver, July 9th 2020 Feature Interview

Tomorrow The Beths will release their sophomore album Jump Rope Gazers via Carpark Records. It was a tough task for the band to follow-up the whip-smart songwriting prowess and hooks found on their utterly terrific 2018 debut Future Me Hates Me. But they do just that and then some on the more than worthy follow-up that puts the dreaded sophomore slump right in its place.

While a more polished take of their infectious indie-pop that throws garage rock and tear-inducing ballads together resulting in a fully formed album that makes that next step forward sonically, while also maintaining what made us fall in love with them in the first place.

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June 2020 Monthly Mix

By Will Oliver, July 2nd 2020 Listen Monthly Mix Playlist Stream

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

Somehow we are 6 months into this strange, stange year. One that we don’t have much to show for. Well, except in the world of music, where the steady rollout of new music has been one of the only saving graces of this relentless year.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you our June 2020 Monthly Mix. These were the songs that soundtracked my June 2020, keeping us warm while the world left us cold.

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Macajey – “Mornin'”

By Will Oliver, July 10th 2020 Listen New Song Stream

Macajey is the brainchild of Jeremy Macachor, a guitarist, engineer and producer who originally hails from California but is currently living in Estonia.

He brings a slice of the sunny Cali sound with him on his new single “Mornin’.” The track carries both an uplifting DIIV-esque shoegazy inspired rock sound while also hinting at a more tranquil peaceful atmospheric tone.

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Cincinnati’s Multimagic has been a favorite around here for some time now. They’ve been the best kept secret outside of their hometown but in a fair world, things will be changing soon with the release of their debut album Manic Daze.

Originally supposed to come out in April, the album was pushed back to September 4th due to the pandemic. But now the band have officially started the promotional campaign and they have done so with the release of the stone-cold killer single that is “Believe It.”

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Nisa is the project of New York-based singer-songwriter Denisa Lumaj, who has just released her debut release, double-sided single “Forget Me / Giving.”

“Forget Me” is a soulful track that showcases Lumaj’s tender vocal delivery. The track is minimal by design, allowing her vocals to do all the magic necessary. Then there’s “Giving,” a piano-ballad of sorts that once again showcases a natural songwriting ability, the sort of quality rarely found on a debut release.

“Forget Me / Giving” marks her arrival as a musician to watch. You can find both tracks available to buy on her Bandcamp right now. They’re also streaming below.

Cut Copy will return with their new album Freeze, Melt this August and they’ve shared the ultra chill lead single “Cold Water.”

Cut Copy team up with Norwegian producers, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas to give the track a bit of a rework, with a little bit more of the house and dance vibe that fans may have initially expected. It expands as it goes along, stretching it’s legs to 7-minutes and expanding the sonic territory to a psychedelic groove.
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Palm Springs | Max Barbakow | July 10, 2020

If you have no idea about the premise about Palm Springs, please just stop reading this and go watch it over on Hulu right now. That’s right. I am actively telling you to please leave my site and go watch the movie I am about to discuss. This may seem excessive, but just trust when I say that it’s the sort of movie that you will be happy to dive into without the slightest clue of what is about to unfold.
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Kid Cudi and Eminem have released their debut collaborative team-up, a track entitled “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady.”

Their pairing wasn’t the most obvious ones but this year is anything but obvious and the partnership actually works quite well and features some of the best verses from Eminem in quite a while.

This is a pleasant surprise from the both of them and we’d be interested to see if a full album will be on the docket in the near future.

For now, enjoy “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady” below.

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Charlottesville trio Stray Fossa has been churning out great songs consistently and they’ve just released one of their best tracks to date with new single “For What Was.”

The track floats along a chill summer feeling and groove effortlessly, with dazzling instrumentation that finds a perfect balance between electronic elements and live rock instrumentation – sort of reminded of acts like Toro y Moi.

The band describes the making of “For What Was” as “a burst of creative energy that all came out at once.” They explain further below:

Will came up with the lyrics and melody for the chorus “something I could be the first to know…” etc. in one breath. “Normally, we wouldn’t hold onto scratch lyrics, but it’s hard to shy away from rare moments like that when it all kind of comes together at once.” In the verse transitions you can hear the sound of bicycle spokes that were recorded with a phone.

Enjoy a listen to the track below.

Stray Fossa · For What Was

Dan Croll will return with new album Grand Plan, which will be released on August 21st via Communion Records. We’ve shared a handful of cuts from the album already and “Hit Your Limit” is the latest to be released.

It’s another track that sees Croll take a modern approach to some 70s-esque folk-indebted rock and roll that has a sweet and sincere tone about it.

Find Croll’s take on the meaning of “Hit Your Limit”:

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