April 2020 Monthly Mix

By Will Oliver, May 2nd 2020 Monthly Mix Playlist

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

What is time anymore? Apparently its May. It doesn’t feel like that. Somehow time is moving at a snails pace but also extremely fast at the same time. It’s a weird time, man.

New music is one of the only steady constants these days. One of the only reliable forces in our lives at this time (as per usual).

Like the rest of our monthly mixes, this is a mix of our favorite songs from new “big” releases, as well as some hidden gems from new artists across the globe.

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Josh Fudge is a 17-year-old artist from Oklahoma City, who just released a smooth indie bedroom pop jam entitled “7 In The Morning.”

The track is Fudge’s 4th single and will appear on his upcoming new project. The track has a tender soulful sound that takes the bedroom pop sound and make it feel real, raw, and honest

As the Fudge describes:

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Montreal’s Elephant Stone had planned to release a video of their new track “American Dream” on May 29th. They had no clue exactly what would unfold in America during that time but it seems like fate had something to say about that.

The timely video arrives at the perfect time and stars the band’s frontman Rishi Dhir’s son and was “filmed in their garage w/ a green screen, homage to Dylan & archival footage of immigrants searching for the American Dream.”

Find the music video available to watch below.
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Ryan Jantz – “Meg”

By Will Oliver, May 31st 2020 Listen New Song Stream

Ryan Jantz is a musician out of Staten Island that makes “bedroom fuzzy rock out” and is preparing to release a new EP very soon.

He’s given us a taste of the EP through his new track “Meg.” It’s got that lo-fi fuzzy charm to it with a keen melodic sense that reminds us a great deal of the early days of Wavves. It’s got a simple songwriting approach, but one full of the natural songwriting hooks that you just can’t fake.

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A Sea of Dead Trees is a one-man band from Glasgow who has just released his brand new album Boaby Coull,via Trepanation Recordings.

“Hannah” is a song off the record, one that he dedicated to his grandmother who unfortunately suffered from dementia. The track takes the listener on an emotional and atmospheric journey, operating as an instrumental that slowly expands its reach as it goes along.

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London based indie/alternative band Shrimp Eyes are an act that has been gaining some traction and airplay overseas who have returned with their new single “Straight Up.”

The song is a take on social awkwardness/anxiety, or more specifically:

the pressures to come across well when meeting strangers at parties (that you don’t necessarily want to be at).

“Straight Up” takes an off-kilter approach to the indie rock sound that has a bit of a playful, summery tone to it, with some nice clean guitar work and dreamy vocals.

Shrimp Eyes · Straight Up

Norwegian singer/songwriter Terje Torkellsen has emerged as one of the countries’ most promising songwriters and it seems that there’s plenty of truth to this based on his new track, “Don’t Demystify.”

The track channels a lot of the classic elements of old school folk-rock, airy arrangements, and lovely vocal work. I could imagine hearing this on a gorgeous summer day at the Newport Folk Festival and being taken far away from the troubles of today’s world.

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Yesterday saw Australian singer-songwriter Nat Vazer release her debut album Is This Offensive And Loud?

“Higher Places” is the lead single from the album, featuring a sweeping grand sound that is dipped in a romantic warmth that has a nostalgic passion that feels like it’s pulled from a different era of music completely. You can feel the emotion-drenched on each and every word.

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