We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 11th 2020 — with 1 comment Best Of List Best Of The Decade Playlist

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

While making our best albums of the decade list wasn’t an easy task, figuring out our best songs was ten times more difficult. Do you pick the obvious single or that hidden gem that revealed its true glory with every new listen? How many songs do I even include? 200 is a lot, 100 is too little to really showcase the best of ten years. So I had some fun with it (the only sane way to take on an insane task like this) and decided that since it’s 2020, I’d do a list of 220 songs.

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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2020 — with 2 comments Best Of List Best Of The Decade

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

Where did the time go?

10 years ago, I was a sophomore in college, still fumbling around with what exactly running a music blog meant and where I would take it as a college kid just trying to figure out…well, everything. A lot has changed since then, many of the blogs that I grew up with and grew with are now literally gone or just operating in the realm of Spotify playlists like the rest of the world.

Think back to the person you were last year, let alone 10 years ago. You’re likely a much different person than you were then. I know I am. But what stayed a constant is the love for music, that never waned. Although the industry has shifted, trends have come and gone (RIP EDM, good fucking riddance to ya), our love for music is always what pushed us through.

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Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Christina Schneider, the brainchild behind Locate S, 1 has signed to Captured Tracks who will release her sophomore album Personalia on April 3rd. She’s recently let go of the artful first single from the record, the title track “Personalia.” The track has a glossy atmospheric art rock feel to it with some dance-grooves that are bubbling just under the surface with some early colorful Of Montreal vibes, which makes sense as the album was produced by their very own Kevin Barnes.

Named after a poem by Mary Ruefle, “Personalia,” is a retelling of an emotional night in 2018 when she nearly quit. The track is a therapeutic triumphant that moves expertly with confidence and ease.

Find the music video for “Personalia” available to watch below and find the album available to pre-order at Bandcamp.

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Sam Seeger has returned with his brand new single “The Day After an All-Nighter” and he’s given us the privilege of presenting the exclusive premiere of its awesome music video.

The track is a groovy and atmospheric rock effort that sounds like a spooky mix of Beck and The Strokes. This vibe is perfectly captured by Max Seeger of The Mayor of Bad News, who both produced and directed the video which was shot in his neighborhood in South Orange and features a cast of local artists and musicians.

Enjoy your first look at the music video for “The Day After an All-Nighter” below.

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Molina – “Venus”

By Will Oliver, January 27th 2020 — with 1 comment Indie Listen Live Performance Stream Video

On Friday, Copenhagen-based producer & musician Molina returned with her brand new EP Vanilla Shell via Danish indie label Tambourhinoceros. One of its highlights is the ethereal and dreamy single “Venus” that sounds perfectly pure and cinematic, produced to allow it to shine towards its highest power.

Molina recently released a video of a stunning live performance of the track, which perfectly captures the magical quality that is on full display. You can also stream and buy the whole EP now on Bandcamp.

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Grumpy – “Davy Jones”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020 Indie Listen New Stream

Grumpy are an indie rock outfit out of Nashville, Tennessee, who has returned with their brand new single “Davy Jones,” which was released via Acrophase Records.

The track mixes elements of some country-themed garage rock with a lighter more emo-based sound vocally. The combination is one that sounds like pieces of many genres, forming something that is very much in their own unique little wheelhouse but reminded of some modern acts like Snail Mail and Frankie Cosmos.

Enjoy a stream of “Davy Jones” posted below.

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Cami Petyn – “Static”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020 Electro Pop Listen New Pop Stream

Los Angeles artist Cami Petyn has just released her debut single “Static, an alt-pop track that balances some weighty topics on its mind.

With a soulful and strong vocal performance, Petyn floats above some icy electronic synth production behind her. Lyrically she talks about overcoming anxiety finding catharsis within the electronic soundscapes.

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Sarah Schonert – “All This Noise”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020 Indie Listen Stream

Sarah Schonert is a musician out of Peoria, Illinois who also is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, record and produced all of her music. This includes her most recent effort, Songs About Sounds, which was released last October.

On it Schonert showcases her ability to craft unique synth-drive pop songs that are colorful and etheral, while totally creating a unique vibe that can only come from an artist with a distinct vision.

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