Beauty Queen – “Two Of Us”

By Will Oliver, April 6th 2020 Indie Listen New Stream

Maui-born, LA-based singer/songwriter Katie Iannitello has returned with her latest single as Beauty Queen, the slick pop jam “Two Of Us.” Like previous single “Sweet Memory,” the tack was produced by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of Tennis.

Floaty dreamy vocals and well paired with some glam-pop elements that sparkle with confidence and a sharp glow. There are many elements of a throwback sound that you’ve come to expect with anything that Moore and Riley put their hands on, along with those gorgeous vocals from Iannitello who sings about loneliness and unrequited love.

Enjoy a listen to “Two Of Us” below.

Mumm-ra – “Summer”

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2020 Indie Listen Stream

English rock outfit Mumm-ra haven’t released new music in a while but they have recently made their grand return with their appropriately named new single “Summer.”

It’s technically their first single release in over 12 years and it comes at a time where we can use all the new music that we can get. The track definitely shines brightly with an optimistic and feel good sound that will be soothing during this summer, where we are all possibly still stuck indoors.

Find “Summer” available to stream below.

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