New Music

Photo by Max Grainger

Experimental British indie outfit Black Country, New Road have been highly buzzed about overseas for some time now and today have finally announced their much-anticipated debut album For the first time, which will be released via Ninja Tune on February 5th, 2021 and was recorded with Andy Savours of My Bloody Valentine.
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bobsled team – “drive”

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2020

bobsled team are a Belfast, Northern Ireland-based duo who have caught our attention with their new track “drive.”

Channeling some dreamy goodness of acts of the 90s with some soothing atmospheric production that perfectly compliment their dream-inducing vocal work and arrangements. The track is a bit of an ear-worm that slowly but surely showcases a hint of art-pop appeal, the sort of song that will help lift your spirits a bit during this pretty tough time. There’s a genuine heartfelt emotional element to “drive” that casts its spell on you and never lets go, and before you know it you’re hitting the replay button and let the music do the rest.

Find “drive” available to stream below and its available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Winona Oak – “SHE”

By Will Oliver, October 25th 2020

Over the weekend Sweden’s Winona Oak returned with her SHE EP, from which we previously shared EP track “Piano In The Sky.” To celebrate the EP’s release Oak released a music video for the title track “SHE” on the day of its release.
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Kacey Johansing – “No Better Time”

By Will Oliver, October 24th 2020

California singer-songwriter Kacey Johansing will release her new album No Better Time out November 20th on Night Bloom Records. She has just shared the title track and third single from the album, “No Better Time.”

“No Better Time” sees Johansing once again tap into a powerful classic folk sound that references the greats of the genre, while also finding her own path and flourishes that she wins you over with in a catchy manner. She is now 3-for-3 with all the tracks shared off the album to date.

Despite this uplifting feel of the song, it carries some heavy subject manner within, as described by her below:

“No Better Time” is about creating boundaries with abusive and alcoholic men in my life. It starts off with an unconditional blessing and well wishes but at its core there is yearning to cut ties for the truth to be known. I think we want to protect the ones we love even if those people have hurt us, this can sometimes mean lying on their behalf and keeping the abuse a secret. This song grapples with that feeling. Finding some kind of healing balance that includes loving and wishing the best for someone who has caused such deep pain while also holding them accountable.

Find “No Better Time” streaming below.