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We All Want Someone’s Best Films of 2019

By Will Oliver, January 22nd 2020

Artwork by Anthony Bauer
Just like with music, there are so many new films out there and just not enough time to watch them all. Although it’s amazing that it’s easier to find all sorts of movies with just the click of a button, it’s impossible to watch it all. But when not at a show or blasting my favorite records, most of my spare time is spent in the cinema trying to find the next great movie.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 11th 2020 — with 1 comment

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

While making our best albums of the decade list wasn’t an easy task, figuring out our best songs was ten times more difficult. Do you pick the obvious single or that hidden gem that revealed its true glory with every new listen? How many songs do I even include? 200 is a lot, 100 is too little to really showcase the best of ten years. So I had some fun with it (the only sane way to take on an insane task like this) and decided that since it’s 2020, I’d do a list of 220 songs.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of the 2010s

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2020 — with 2 comments

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

Where did the time go?

10 years ago, I was a sophomore in college, still fumbling around with what exactly running a music blog meant and where I would take it as a college kid just trying to figure out…well, everything. A lot has changed since then, many of the blogs that I grew up with and grew with are now literally gone or just operating in the realm of Spotify playlists like the rest of the world.

Think back to the person you were last year, let alone 10 years ago. You’re likely a much different person than you were then. I know I am. But what stayed a constant is the love for music, that never waned. Although the industry has shifted, trends have come and gone (RIP EDM, good fucking riddance to ya), our love for music is always what pushed us through.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2019

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2019

Artwork by Anthony Bauer

2019 is now technically hours away from wrapping up, and with it, a whole decade. We have had some time to sit and think about our favorite albums of the year and now we present our 100 favorite songs of the year. It’s always hard to put this together, a lot more thought goes into it than you think. How many tracks do I include from an album I listed in my top 5, what if those songs work better as a complementary piece than an individual track? How do you rank a bunch of songs that you love?

But in the end, these are 100 songs that soundtracked my year. While compiling this list, I went through a journey of my literal year of moments, good hangouts, lonely drives, good times, bad times, and everything in-between. That’s the beauty of this sort of thing and music in general.

Stay tuned as in the new year we will be doing the best of the decade in both albums and songs as well as something else that we are eager to share with you guys. But for now, find my top 100 songs of 2019 posted below listed in reverse order. You can also find a Spotify playlist right here, as well as embedded at the end of the list.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and anything you wished I included.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of 2019

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2019

Artwork by Anthony Bauer
2019 came and went in a blink of an eye. Our parents always told us that time would fly by at an unthinkable and unmanageable speed the older and busier we got, and boy was it true this year more than ever. But during this warp-speed time travel, we still found time to indulge in a ton of great music, from artists both familiar and completely brand spanking new.

If you’re familiar with this space, you know I always try and wait until, you know, the year is actually over to publish my best of list. While many others are in an arms race to publish first before the Thanksgiving spread has even hit the table, I spend the last few weeks of the year revisiting albums and obsessively changing the order of my list.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Shows of 2019

By Will Oliver, December 19th 2019

Vampire Weekend at Webster Hall
2019 was an interesting year in many ways. While I steamrolled through my show count early on, I slowed down drastically in the last few months of the year, not coming close to my insane 200+ show count of 2018.

With that said, I spent many nights in clubs and big rooms of all sorts, taking in all the best music that my ears could possibly find. From finally checking a few major bucket lists legendary rock bands off my list, to seeing new bands that will define the next few years, I can’t wait to do it all again in 2020 and start the next decade strong.

But for now, here are the 50 best shows I saw in all of 2019:
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Favorite Concert Photos of 2019

By Will Oliver, December 18th 2019 — with 1 comment

Mac DeMarco at Brooklyn Steel (September 19) by Will Oliver

From January to December, we cover quite a few shows here on this blog. It’s funny to think back to when we were simply blogging about music, without ever intending to ever enter the concert coverage game. But now it’s our primary focus.

Our team of photographers spend many nights a year out in the biggest and smallest rooms in New York, in the confines of a photo pit or surrounded by our fellow music lovers. Our cameras and shutters take a collective beating year in and year out and so it’s only fitting for me to go through the wide variety of shows that we covered this year and picked all of my favorite shots of the year.
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Will’s Best Films of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 18th 2019

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]
I heard a lot from people that 2018 was a weak year for film. I also heard that it was a great one. Who knows what is what. But what I do know is that there were plenty of films that stuck with me this year and as usual, if you took the time to dig around outside of the big-budget spectacles there were plenty of great films with worthy stories to explore. Read the rest of this entry »

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 8th 2019

We’ve let 2018 simmer for a bit and have spent time still revisiting some of our favorites albums of 2018 as well as our favorite songs. As fun as it is to pick my favorite albums of the year, there’s something much more freeing about choosing songs. It’s a chance to highlight even more artists, maybe an artist whose album you couldn’t quite get into but they had that one song that was simply too good to resists. Or a new artist that struck a chord with you out of the blue, who reminds you of why you starting a music blog in the first place.
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We All Want Someone’s Best Albums of 2018

By Will Oliver, January 4th 2019 — with 1 comment

[Artwork by Anthony Bauer]

Another year has passed us and to be quite honest, we aren’t sure where it went. But there was plenty of good music to help us get through the year, which was a trying one in many regards.

But despite the proclamations of the most pessimistic listeners out there, there was plenty of great albums released this year. You also may have heard that this was the year of women making killer records and we are proud to notice that nearly half of the albums on this list are either from solo female artists or a female-fronted band. So they weren’t lying.

Without further ado, here are my 50 favorite albums of 2018, along with a few honorable mentions.
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