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Review: ‘Greyhound’

By Will Oliver, July 12th 2020

Greyhound | Aaron Schneider | July 10, 2020

In Greyhound, Tom Hanks (Toy Story 4) stars as WWII Captain Ernest Krause, a first-time captain leading a convoy of Allied ships who are transporting thousands of soldiers across the dangerous waters of the “Black Pit” straight to the front lines of the battle.
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Review: ‘Palm Springs’

By Will Oliver, July 10th 2020

Palm Springs | Max Barbakow | July 10, 2020

If you have no idea about the premise about Palm Springs, please just stop reading this and go watch it over on Hulu right now. That’s right. I am actively telling you to please leave my site and go watch the movie I am about to discuss. This may seem excessive, but just trust when I say that it’s the sort of movie that you will be happy to dive into without the slightest clue of what is about to unfold. Read the rest of this entry »

Jennifer Hudson stars as Aretha Franklin in Respect, the biopic about the “The Queen Of Soul” that is directed by Liesl Tommy. This is Tommy’s first feature-length debut, following directing stints on shows such as The Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, and Insecure.

The first full trailer for the biopic was released tonight following Hudson’s performance tonight at the BET Awards.
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Review: ‘Irresistible’

By Will Oliver, June 26th 2020

Irresistible | Jon Stewart | June 26, 2020

Jon Stewart makes his return to the director’s chair (following his 2014 debut Rosewater) for his second feature film, Irresistible, a timely look at today’s, uh, disturbing, political climate. If there’s one voice that we’ve been desperately missing during the hellscape that has been the Donald Trump administration, it’s Stewart’s. So the prospect of him getting back to his old stomping ground in cinematic form was an exciting prospect.
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The big question surrounding the world of cinema is regarding Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster, Tenet. As of now, Warner Bros still has the film penciled in for its July date but that is obviously still a big question mark given the state of the world with Covid-19, so much so that the latest trailer ends with “Coming to Theaters”.
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