This year’s Fantasia Film Festival celebrates the genre fests 25th anniversary, running from August 5-25th with both in-person and virtual screenings taking place, allowing fans to see the great variety of flicks in person or from the comfort of their own homes. A great choice to have for those who are not able to make it for a wide variety of reasons.

Here are some films that we are excited to check out at the fest, or even some that we have seen at other fests earlier in the year with a link to our reviews. For more info on on demand screening tickets, head here.

The Great Yokai War: Guardians (directed by Takashi Miike)

The Devil’s Deal (directed by Lee Won-tae)

The Night House (directed by David Bruckner)

Baby, Don’t Cry (driected by Jesse Dvorak)

Coming Home In The Dark (directed by James Ashcroft)

The Sadness (directed by Rob Jabbaz)

Glasshouse (directed by Kelsey Egan)

King Knight (directed by Richard Bates Jr.)

We’re All Going To The World’s Fair (directed by Jane Schoenbrun)

Under the Open Sky (directed by Miwa Nishikawa)

Films seen at other festivals:

Broadcast Signal Intrusion (directed by Jacob Gentry)

Prisoners of the Ghostland (directed by Sion Sono)

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