Band To Watch

Introducing: The Slim Kings

By Will Oliver, August 17th 2020

The Slim Kings are a Brooklyn-based trio of Michael Sackler-Berner, Andy Attanasio, and iconic drummer Liberty Devitto.

They’ve released a handful of singles to date, showcasing a sound that has a free-flowing spirit and summer-made rock influence that channels elements from a wide variety of genres.
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Priestgate – “Now”

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2020

Priestgate is a band hailing from Driffield, East Yorkshire who is bringing 80s rock to life on their own terms.

Take their new single “Now” that channel a lot of the prime work of The Cure, with a dark-tinted atmosphere that pushes through with a youthful sense of urgency that can’t be faked. It’s a passionate plea, one that is being heard loud and clear.

As the band describes it:

“NOW” is our ode to understanding life the way it really stands. As a band and group of friends, we all know we have made our fair share of mistakes. We also know that everyone listening has made their fair share too, and will continue to mess up inevitably along the way in their individual journeys, just as equally as we will too. Our collective perception of the experiences in our youth have been distilled and refined into ‘NOW’

With only two songs under their belt, we’re keeping an eye on these guys, who are very much ones to keep an eye on.

Find “Now” streaming right now below.

Prelow – “I’ve Been Drinking”

By Will Oliver, January 30th 2015


Prelow is the duo of 23-year-olds Jessie Aicher and Matt Walsh. They began making music together after meeting at NYU, and have quickly made a name for themselves, already signed to Atlantic Records who just released their debut EP Why Does Everything Happen So Much.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one stylistic title to Prelow’s sound, but it floats somewhere between electronic and indie, with hip-hop elements poking there head as well. Take EP cut “I’ve Been Drinking” a rambunctious song that coasts with effortless cool, funky basslines, and some brutally honest lyrics that bring it all home.

The 5-song EP features songs all varied in nature, but built with a similar tone that shows just how far ahead of their years Prelow stand. You can stream the entire EP at their soundcloud page, and enjoy “I’ve Been Drinking,” which is posted below.
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Artists To Watch In 2015

By Will Oliver, December 11th 2014 — with 1 comment


With the new year right around the corner, everyone’s posting lists. While most of the lists are a look back at the best of this year (our lists are coming in early January…be patient), some lists are looking ahead. There’s always the BBC Sound Of 2015 who released their longlist as well as lists from publications such as The Guardian.

This got me thinking of some artists who I think you will be hearing a lot more about in the next 12 months. Here’s a quick run down of some artists to watch in 2015 (in no particular order):
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Deers – Between Cans

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2014 — with 1 comment


Deers are a all female 4-piece from Madrid comprised of Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. They’re gearing up the release of their new 7″ single Barn which Mom + Pop will release on November 4.

While “Castigadas En El Granero” is the A-track, the 7″ also features a youthful track called “Between Cans” from the girls that has somewhat of a Little Joy quality to it in terms of the relaxed lo-fi recording. In fact, its actually the first song recorded with all four girls together.

Find it posted below, along with “Castigadas En El Granero”
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Public Access T.V. – Rebounder

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2014

Public Acceess T.V.

My first memory of John Eatherly was as the drummer of Be Your Own Pet (who I miss dearly). Since their breakup, he’s kept busy playing along with acts such as as Turbo Fruits, Eleanor Friedberger, Smith Westerns, The Virgins, and Chairlift. Now he’s fronting his own band, Public Access T.V.

The group was formed after Eatherly had enough of the music scene in Manhattan, and wanted to make music inspired by 90s Brit-Pop and 70’s punk.

He’s done just that on his groups delightful debut single “Rebounder” which is a well done tribute to the Brit-pop mindset that has him inspired. It moves and grooves with a confident swagger, built off irresistible hooks and classic rock tricks.

It’s off their debut EP (also titled Rebounder), which is out now.

Enjoy the video for “Rebounder” below.
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Band To Watch: Kate Boy

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2014 — with 1 comment

Kate Boy

Kate Boy started in 2011 when Kate Akhurst moved from Australia to Stockhold, Sweden, looking for a change of pace for her music. It was there that she met producers Markus Dextegen and Hampus Nordgren, and Kate Boy was founded. Soon after, they started releasing music together, grabbing the attention of the music world instantly with successful electro-pop singles “Northern Lights,” “The Way We Are,” and “In Your Eyes.”

Earlier in the summer they came back with their biggest moment yet, the juggernaut pop monster that is “Self Control.” Everything that we love about pop songs is packed into its wonderful world of throbbing synths, pop hooks, and confident delivery. I’ve had this bad boy on repeat all day, and I bet you’ll be doing the same in no time.

You can stream the studio version, as well as the new live version that they just released as a video. Both are posted below.
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Band To Watch: FAMY

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2014


FAMY are a group out of West London (via France) who spent their early days touring with buddies Wu Lyf. They were hesitant about sharing their own music, but that has finally changed as they are gearing up to release their debut album We Fam Econo on September 8 via Transgressive Records.

The trio recorded the album over 10 summer days in Stonehouse Chapel & produced by Miti Adhikari. It features the larger-than-life single “Ava”, which was included on one of the two EP’s that the group released earlier in the year (titled Donkey and Ava respectively’). One listen and you’ll be completely taken away by it’s life-affirming widescreen chorus that is too big for its own good. It’s the sort of epic moment that is just meant to be delivered to a full crowd during a warm festival night, or blown out of proportion during that pivotal moment of a major motion picture. It just has that magic touch.

Based solely on this track, I am confident to call FAMY a band to watch, and I highly suggest you check out all of their previous other releases. The release of their debut album is only a couple of weeks away now. I’m terribly excited to check it out, and see what else the group has in store.

They have yet to play any U.S. shows as far as I can tell, but you can bet I will be there once that NYC date is announced. Enjoy “Ava” below.

Band To Watch: Fake Laugh

By Will Oliver, March 26th 2014

Fake Laugh

After sharing Oscar’s mix and an upcoming rock club show that he’s playing, I stumbled upon Fake Laugh, one of the band’s that are playing the show. They hail from London and just got the goods going on.

Their single “Short Of Breath” caught me off guard (in the best way). It instantly stood out, sounding polished and clean, offering a sound that just sounded timeless, sort of the classic songs that our parents listened to back in the good old days. A lot of credit to the vocals of frontman Kamran Khan. When you put a song as wonderful as “Short Of Breath” up against the crap on the radio, it’s like we’re in on a little secret that really shouldn’t be a secret.

If that jangly guitar that starts “Kinda Girl” doesn’t catch your attention, the sugary sweet vocals of Khan. They sound seasoned, as if he’d been touring with bands like Belle & Sebastian all his life. It’s lush, dreamy, and easy on the ears.

Or how about the pumped up charge of “Tell Me Why” a song doused with a sense of urgency, as if Khan is making his final call for help. He has a very keen ear for melodies that are infectious, and just work.

Thank you Oscar for putting me onto these guys. I hope to hear more from them in the future, because it seems like they got a bright one.

Introducing: Latimer House

By Will Oliver, March 4th 2014 — with 1 comment

Latimer House

Heading from Prague are a delightful new band by the name of Latimer House. On February 10 they released their debut album All The Rage via their own label, Honk Records.

One listen to the band’s debut single “This Is Pop, will win you over. If you’re a regular around these parts, chances are you’ll dig the groovy English guitar rock style that Latimer House produce. Crisp and clean melodies wit a bouncy groove. There’s also the equally awesome “Shake!” that will get your foot tapping as well.

All The Rage is available to buy/stream right now at bandcamp. Check out streams of “This Is Pop” & “Shake!”, both of which are posted below.
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