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On June 28th, British singer-songwriter Luke De-Sciscio released his new album Good Bye Folk Boy. We’ve shared a handful of songs from it throughout the year, such as “R.O.B.Y.N” and “Spin On.” Today we take a step back and look at the stunning and powerful emotional folk rock that seems to flow out of De-Sciscio as natural as can be.

Along with the previously mentioned tracks, he immediately hooks you in with the lush and lavish opening offering “Winsome.” Each song takes you to a new vignette, a new plea to listen and absorb the words that feel as vital as the next. There are a genuine touch and little personal touches and flourishes that just flow out of the speakers and touch you completely. Such as another standout, “Plumb Loco.” He navigates the folk-rock water in such a raw manner that it adds a completely new dimension to the sound that feels totally authentic and human. The little imperfections come off as more real and essential than anything you’d hear on the most overproduced big-budget studio album.

But there’s no more powerful moment than the monumental close “New Skin.” What begins as a song that reminds a bit of the finger-picked folk glory of the likes of The Tallest Man On Earth (as do many of the offerings from the album – most certainly a compliment of the highest order), it blossoms into a world of his own that completely captivates you and hits you deep within your emotional core. In that sense, De-Sciscio is a true raconteur, a storyteller of the fullest order.

There is a lot of music out there these days. To a point, it’s impossible to really keep up with it all. But it would be a mistake for an album so vital and true to go overlooked. I can’t recommend Luke De-Sciscio’s Good Bye Folk Boy enough. Please find it available to stream in full below and find the whole thing available to purchase at his Bandcamp page.

Introducing: Magik Magik

By Will Oliver, September 12th 2016


Magik Magik is the project of San Francisco resident Minna Choi, who plays, composes, and conducts as Magik Magik. She’s no stranger to the music scene, she’s led her very own orchestra that she started. They’ve performed in concert with the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie, and did film score work for some pretty big movies: Looper and Kill The Messenger.
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Georgia – “Move Systems”

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2015


London-based emcee, multi-instrumentalist and producer Georgia is the latest signing to Domino Records. She is also a member of British group Juce, when she isn’t working on a solo career of her own. Get to know her. she’s one to watch.

She’s recently released her music video for her fiery single “Move Systems.” It features a frantic rhythm section as well as distinct vocals that call to mind some of the earlier work of M.I.A. It’s a strong first impression, and if the rest of her debut album is of this capacity, it’s going to be one hell of a proper introduction. You can stream her debut EP Come In right here.

Check out the video for “Move Systems” below and head to iTunes to purchase it if you like what you hear.
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Artists To Watch In 2015

By Will Oliver, December 11th 2014 — with 1 comment


With the new year right around the corner, everyone’s posting lists. While most of the lists are a look back at the best of this year (our lists are coming in early January…be patient), some lists are looking ahead. There’s always the BBC Sound Of 2015 who released their longlist as well as lists from publications such as The Guardian.

This got me thinking of some artists who I think you will be hearing a lot more about in the next 12 months. Here’s a quick run down of some artists to watch in 2015 (in no particular order):
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Artist To Watch: Ryn Weaver

By Will Oliver, September 4th 2014 — with 2 comments

Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver sent the internet into a frenzy with the release of her debut single “OctaHate.” While its a good pop song (and features production from a team that includes Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit, Cashmere Cat, and BenZel), it’s “Promises”, the title track of her debut EP Promises that has pleased my ears.

It’s a big song in scope, but it’s done so in such a manner that feels intimate in the sense that she’s singing to you. It’s hard to ignore the similarities in “Promises” to a Florence and The Machine song, from the style to her vocals, but it’s a compliment if anything.

There are a lot of people speculating about her background (she used to release music under her real name Aryn Wüthrich), and how she was able to obtain such big names to produce her as a newcomer, but honestly, who gives a shit? (If you do care, she responded to this very question in the Stereogum comment section) The music speaks for herself, and I’m digging “Promises” quite hard. The EP was released on new indie label Friends Keep Secrets, so take that for what its worth.

Stream both “Promises” and “OcaHate” below. You can also find the entire EP streaming below.



Band To Watch: Kate Boy

By Will Oliver, September 3rd 2014 — with 1 comment

Kate Boy

Kate Boy started in 2011 when Kate Akhurst moved from Australia to Stockhold, Sweden, looking for a change of pace for her music. It was there that she met producers Markus Dextegen and Hampus Nordgren, and Kate Boy was founded. Soon after, they started releasing music together, grabbing the attention of the music world instantly with successful electro-pop singles “Northern Lights,” “The Way We Are,” and “In Your Eyes.”

Earlier in the summer they came back with their biggest moment yet, the juggernaut pop monster that is “Self Control.” Everything that we love about pop songs is packed into its wonderful world of throbbing synths, pop hooks, and confident delivery. I’ve had this bad boy on repeat all day, and I bet you’ll be doing the same in no time.

You can stream the studio version, as well as the new live version that they just released as a video. Both are posted below.
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Artist To Watch: Shura

By Will Oliver, September 1st 2014


It’s hard to believe that hot on-the-rise pop singer Shura is only 23-years-old. Earlier in the year the London native got the attention of music bloggers and journalists alike with the release of her debut single “Touch.”

She’s followed that up with the equally impressive offering “Just Once,” which dabbles in the construct of 80’s pop-minds such as Phil Collins, while also adding an atmospheric modern spin to create her own feel. She delivers her vocals in a soft endearing sort of way that is brought home by a great natural pop sense. The songs are straightforward enough (in a good way), but Shura adds enough variety to her sound allowing her to stand out from the rest of the pack. Considering the amount of female pop artists that we have on the pop chars, that’s saying something.

I’m calling Shura an artist to watch, and urge you to check out both “Just Once” and “Touch,” both of which are posted for your enjoyment below.
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Band To Watch: FAMY

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2014


FAMY are a group out of West London (via France) who spent their early days touring with buddies Wu Lyf. They were hesitant about sharing their own music, but that has finally changed as they are gearing up to release their debut album We Fam Econo on September 8 via Transgressive Records.

The trio recorded the album over 10 summer days in Stonehouse Chapel & produced by Miti Adhikari. It features the larger-than-life single “Ava”, which was included on one of the two EP’s that the group released earlier in the year (titled Donkey and Ava respectively’). One listen and you’ll be completely taken away by it’s life-affirming widescreen chorus that is too big for its own good. It’s the sort of epic moment that is just meant to be delivered to a full crowd during a warm festival night, or blown out of proportion during that pivotal moment of a major motion picture. It just has that magic touch.

Based solely on this track, I am confident to call FAMY a band to watch, and I highly suggest you check out all of their previous other releases. The release of their debut album is only a couple of weeks away now. I’m terribly excited to check it out, and see what else the group has in store.

They have yet to play any U.S. shows as far as I can tell, but you can bet I will be there once that NYC date is announced. Enjoy “Ava” below.

Matt Townsend

I find that the best folk songs are usually the ones that strike a chord with you instantly. If your moved by a song right off the bat, there’s a reason for that.

That’s what happened when I stumbled across “Desire Like A Lion” by Matt Townsend & The Wonder Of The World, a folk artist out of Asheville, North Carolina. The easy comparisons are Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but he also reminds me a bit of The Tallest Man On Earth. Just a raw and honest folk song that you believe it. It sounds truthful, almost like its gospel. There’s just an earnest quality about it that will sweep you straight off your feet.

It’s taken from his self-titled debut album which was successfully crowdfunded and due for release via Eternal Mind Records on June 23rd. The album was inspired by “strange dreams and visions, the precarious beauty of human life, and the mysterious forces of the Universe.” You can definitely hear this in the magnificent “Desire Like A Lion,” which is available to stream below.

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Noah Chenfeld – Get Lost

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2014 — with 1 comment

Noah Chenfeld

“Get Lost” is a track from 17-year-old New York City resident Noah Chenfeld.

The track pulls you in instantly, with some catchy backing vocals, a melodic guitar riff, and plenty of influences from modern rock, mainly from The Strokes and Julian Casablancas.

I wish that their recent work was as good as this song from Chenfeld. It’s a real good one.

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