Phogg is a psychedelic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden who are making the sort of slick and chilled-out indie psych-rock that feels like it’s out of Los Angeles with its cool presence and vibe.

The band gave fans a bit of a 2021 parting gift with their new EP There’s nothing to say more than that I like to hold. The 3-song EP features songs that they actually recorded back in 2018 and held onto but finally released to fans last month.

Take the opening track “Home Again,” adorned with gorgeous orchestration and strings that feel like a blend of early psych goodness from Tame Impala guitar interplay mixed with the grooviness of Dungen.

Then there is the straight sonic texture and colorful journey of the EP’s closer “My Name Is Klint” that feels like it takes a bite of of the 70s and delivers a new interpretation of the sound of the time in a bold and confident fashion.

While we have the new songs, it’s also worth taking a look back at “Time Is Wild” a song from 2018 as well that puts their capacity of vintage psych-rock and dreamy indie-pop goodness front and center. Full of lovely late-night grooves, the track feels like it is from a different era entirely.

You can find all three tracks available to stream now via their Bandcamp.

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