Introducing: McCall

By Will Oliver, July 29th 2020

McCall is a rising Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who is most certainly one to to watch. She gained attention earlier in the year with her attention-grabbing single “Disaster.”

She’s recently returned with her new track “One Eye Open,” taken from her forthcoming EP On Self Loathing. It’s a soaring and expansive pop song, one with a lovely melody that beautifully captures a painful topic, part¬†postmortem of a physically and mentally abusive¬†relationship.
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Introducing: Joyce Kwon

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2018

Joyce Kwon is a multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles who recently released her debut album Dream of Home via ps fairy records.

Kwon both a singer and a zither player, explores the many possibilities of the folk genre, adding her own stamp to the genre with smartly crafted songs that blur the lines between folk, art-pop and even elements of jazz and world music.

Take the album’s tile track, “Dream of Home,” a heartfelt and dreamy track that shows off Kwon’s elegant vocals and patient approach that lends a welcoming hand into the album. Or take the track “Nililiya” which is a a Korean traditional song that she has given a modern arrangement, as well as elements of jazz that it blends to create something familiar yet very different in an authentic fashion.

This may be Kwon’s debut album but this is clearly an artist who has been due to release an album for a long time as she is clearly a talent that has just been waiting to be discovered and her time has finally come.

Enjoy streams of both “Dream of Home” and “Nililiya,” which are posted below and find the whole album available to stream or purchase at Bandcamp.
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Introducing: Warbly Jets

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2017 — with 1 comment

Truth be told for a while I mistakingly thought that Warbly Jets were from London. Their throwback rock sound emulated a loud of the sounds of past Brit rockers, but I was sorely mistaken, the group is based out of Las Angeles.

The quartet consists of Samuel Shea, Julien O’Neill, Dan Gerbang and Justin Goings, and they have a readymade sound that they have been fine tuning. Brit power-pop with elements of garage and even psychadelia, they are all over the rock and roll map in both style and place.

This year they released their self-titled debut album via Rebel Union Recordings and I have a bunch of stand out tracks from the record to share. Take the psych-wanderings of “Ride” that sound like they’d make a good companion with current actual British exports Temples, the sunny power-pop of “Raw Evolution,” the early Tame Impala like garage stomp of “Shapeshifter” and the 90s brit rock of “4th Coming Bomb.”

All four offerings are available to taste below and if you dig what you hear, the album is available to stream on their soundcloud and available to purchase over at iTunes.
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Introducing: LNZNDRF

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2016


At first glance LNZNDRF may look like a jumble of letters, but fans of The National and Beirut should immediately take note. It’s the new project of Scott and Bryan Devendorf of The National, and Ben Lanz of Beirut (he also plays with The National live). Together, the trio form LNZNDRF and like Matt Berninger did last year, they look to make a name for themselves in 2016.

The group will release their self-titled debut album via 4AD on February 19. It was recorded over two and a half days at a Cincinnati church, with songs improvised from the old spirit that made them want to make music in the first place,

They’ve given us a preview of what is to come with a set of three live songs from the album (it looks like they’re joined by Beirut’s Aaron Arntz live), and the results are rather stunning. “Beneath The Black Sea” sounds like it could have come from New Order or Joy Division, they dive into dream-laden psych territory that reminds of My Bloody Valentine at times with “Mt. Storm,” and the experimental “King Things” has a experimental world-influence that isn’t easy to pin down to just one idea or genre. It’s safe to say that LNZNDRF isn’t just a one-off solo project, but a fully formed idea ready to take over our minds.

Enjoy all three of the live performances posted below. The album is available to pre-order now, with a limited clear vinyl pressing still available. The band will make their NYC live debut at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday, March 5, with an early and late show.
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Intoducing: Sam Seeger

By Will Oliver, December 11th 2015 — with 1 comment

Sam Seeger

It’s not that often that I am able to share local artists from Rockland County, which makes me excited to share the work of Sam Seeger with you guys today. You may remember a post we did last year about his previous band Man From Glove. Since then, he’s started his journey as a solo artist, recently releasing a solo EP of his own entitled Coffin Fashion. So he’s not new to scene, but maybe his journey as a solo artist is new to you.

It doesn’t take long for Sam to impress on the EP, with opening track “Drumbeat of the Apocalypse” flashing some serious riffs, very much in the league of Jack White’s early days with The White Stripes. Second track “Empty Mind Man” is rooted in classic rock influences, but separated by the unique personal stamp that Sam is able to give each performance. “Advencha!” captures the glorious crunch of 90’s era Beck, showing Seeger’s incredible range and ability to tackle many forms of the genre with relative ease. There’s some impressive guitar work on his EP, combined with the drumming of Rosie Slater of New Myths combining to create a mature and impressive effort, one that deserves some serious attention.

The full EP is able to purchase (and stream) over at bandcamp. I’ve embeded a stream of “Drumbeat of the Apocalypse” below, as well as a cool interview clip with Sam put together by Fuck The Warm Sound. Enjoy both below.
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Introducing: Latimer House

By Will Oliver, March 4th 2014 — with 1 comment

Latimer House

Heading from Prague are a delightful new band by the name of Latimer House. On February 10 they released their debut album All The Rage via their own label, Honk Records.

One listen to the band’s debut single “This Is Pop, will win you over. If you’re a regular around these parts, chances are you’ll dig the groovy English guitar rock style that Latimer House produce. Crisp and clean melodies wit a bouncy groove. There’s also the equally awesome “Shake!” that will get your foot tapping as well.

All The Rage is available to buy/stream right now at bandcamp. Check out streams of “This Is Pop” & “Shake!”, both of which are posted below.
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Introducing: Bronx Cheer

By Will Oliver, February 24th 2014

Bronx Cheer

Bronx Cheer are a new three-piece band out of New York featuring Michelle Myers (on Bass/Vocals), Steve Glauber (Drums) and Rich Weiss (Guitar/Vocals). Earlier in the month they released their debut EP Is This Right? , which they recorded one weekend over at The Silent Barn.

The 4-song collection is a steady set of sludgy song dipped with a influence of 90s indie rock. Fuzzy guitars and raw vocals pave the way for some rock solid jams that hit home instantly. From the delightful opener “Prozac Dreams” to the grand rock out of “Well”, there’s a real honestly to Bronx Cheer’s sound that captures you and begs for a few more spins.

It’s hard to find accomplished releases from a new group, but Bronx Cheer have released something that feels strong and tight. For a debut release, it’s as good as they come. Excited to see what’s next for the group, but for now let’s enjoy this EP.

The entire EP is available to stream below. You should also go download it at their bandcamp right now. It’s free.
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Introducing: Man From Glove

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2014 — with 1 comment


Man From Glove may be new to you, but let’s change that. The band hails from Palisades, NY (which is my neck of the woods in Rockland County) and features Sam Seeger (guitar & vocals), Jimmy McQuade (bass) and Raza Abdullah.¬† Last weekend I had the pleasure of catching their performance at the Lit Lounge, and it was a good one. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: Hospital

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2013 — with 1 comment


Hospital are a band that come all the way from Russia, and are a freaking treasure of a find.

I become introduced to Hospital through their wonderful, uplifting, new single, “Lust For You.” Listening to it will instantly connect on an emotional level, as it gives you the pick-me-up of a lifetime. This is a the type of song with potential to soundtrack movies and commercials, big and wide enough that is deserves to be heard in the biggest of arenas.

Surprisingly, Hospital released their debut album When The Trees Were Higher earlier this year (in January), and it’s been overlooked by practically everyone. Don’t continue ignoring these guys, you’re going to want to head to bandcamp to check that out, and dig your teeth deep in “Lust For You.” It’s one of the best songs that you have yet to hear this year.

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