Review: ‘Mulan’ (2020)

By Will Oliver, September 6th 2020

Mulan | Niki Caro | September 4, 2020

While most of the new interpretations of the beloved Disney animated classics have played it safe with their live-action versions, Mulan had the potential to do something different. This version, from director Niki Caro, does not include the beloved musical numbers, or her humorous sidekick Mushu. These choices were made in order to keep it more realistic and to avoid the problematic aspects that a character like Mushu caused within the traditional Chinese community. These choices do result in a film that feels more realistic but the trade-off isn’t without some sacrifices that are never fully replaced.
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Review: ‘Unhinged’

By Will Oliver, September 6th 2020

Unhinged | Derrick Borte | August 21, 2020

[Before we dive into Will’s thoughts on Unhinged, a quick note from Will: The other night I drove to the Warwick Drive-In Theater in Warwick, New York to catch a screening of Unhinged from the safety of my car. We just want to urge people to please only attend a drive-in screening if you are able to safely do so, as movie theaters are not fully reopened nationwide (nor would we recommend stepping foot in a movie theater of any capacity for several hours in the midst of a global airborne pandemic). No movie is worth risking your health and safety. Be safe and well everyone!]

If there’s one aspect that Derrick Borte’s Unhinged gets right about today’s society, it’s that we have no tolerance for each other’s bullshit. Everyone’s on edge all the time, to the point where one wrong statement or action can render severe consequences. This is taken to the cinematic extreme in Unhinged, where one spur of the moment reaction causes a trail of events to follow that cause a ton of unnecessary pain and destruction.
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Fantasia Festival 2020 Review: ‘Alone’

By Will Oliver, September 6th 2020

Alone | John Hyams | Fantasia Festival 2020

In Alone, Jessica (Jules Willcox) is most certainly alone in her running from some part of her past when we meet her by seeing her pack up her entire life into a U-Haul attached to her car and embarking on a long trip out of town. She has recently suffered the sort of devastating heartbreak involving her husband that is the sort of thing that is really impossible to truly recover from without a totally fresh start. She doesn’t even disclose her plans to her own parents until she is already on the road.
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Review: ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’

By Will Oliver, August 27th 2020

Bill & Ted Face The Music | Dean Parisot | August 28, 2020

In the 1989 comedy classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, two slackers end up being humanity’s last hope with just a goofy but good-natured attitude and friendship built on positive refrains such as “be excellent to each other”. The two went on to save the world again two years later in 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and return for a third time nearly three decades later with Bill & Ted Face The Music. Only this time it’s the real world that needs Bill & Ted to save us from the real-life horror that is the year 2020.
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You Cannot Kill David Arquette | David Darg, Price James | Fantasia Festival 2020

Back in the 90s, David Arquette was once notoriously profiled as a rising star in Hollywood alongside other rising talents such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Benecio Del Toro. He was on a path towards joining the Hollywood elite. In 1996 Scream really put him into mainstream consciousness but has seemed to sadly have left them there. His career never took off in the way that many others, including himself, would have projected. He’s been a sort of underserved punching bag of Hollywood ever since.
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Fantasia Festival 2020 Review: ‘Feels Good Man’

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2020

Feels Good Man | Arthur Jones | Fantasia Festival 2020

The power of the internet knows no bounds. It has come a long way since its creation, with many things both good and bad coming out of its existence. And of course, there are the grey areas. While social media is great in the way that it can connect us, it has also resulted in a lot of troubling behaviors that our society can’t seem to shake. Then there are memes. While many are truly funny and often wholesome, as usual with the internet, dark sections of the internet have also made memes into the sort of troubling pieces of propaganda that tricked so many people into thinking that America needed to be made “great again”.
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