It didn’t take long for me to say yes to premiering New York duo Bubble Tea and Cigarettes’ new song, “Go Down Stairs to the Blue Moon, Buy Some Fried Chicken.” I mean, with a song title like that, you know it is going to be good. How could I say no?

But it also helps a great deal that the song is a lovely slice of dream pop that checks all the boxes that a winning effort in this drama requires. It has a hushed quality and a roaming sonic feel that reminds of Beach House, just with a slightly more soulful drawl to it that gives it a nice melancholic nature.
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Premiere: Gold Record – “Affirmations”

By Will Oliver, August 13th 2020

Gold Record is the California based musical brainchild of Noah Clark, Ryan McKone, and Evan Michalski. In March they miraculously found the inspiration to be productive during quarantine and form the band. The goal: to fuse positivity, hooks, and a strong love for one another into a tantalizing pop package.

That band set out with the goal of releasing 12 EPs that will be released through 2021. They are going strong and are preparing to release the latest, Volume Four on September 11th.

Today we have the privledge of premiering the EP’s lead single “Affirmations.” It’s a colorful and sleak funk-influnced electronic jam that catches the rest of the lingering summer days before we head into an uncertain fall. It’s chill in every sense of the word with some lovely vocal arrangements as the extra cherry on top.

Find a quote from the band about the song:

The inspiration for the song came from an instrument called the RAV Vast, which is a futuristic hand drum that sounds equal parts beautiful and mysterious. We were inspired by the organic sound, and wanted to blend that on top of a contrast instrument – in this case, a synthesized beat that really slapped. That fusion made for an interesting pop-melancholy vibe that we thought sounded like “Lou Reed + Darryl Hall by way of Gold Record”. The lyrics built on the sound inspiration with a theme about feeling uncertainty, something we were feeling a lot of in the beginning of quarantine, and opening up to the signs in life that provide affirmations that you’re on the right track. The chorus is about finding those affirmations. We sent the rough song to STRNGS and he really elevated that section by adding synth bass and the strings motif that give it that added soaring quality of what it feels like to find one’s purpose and receive some validation from the universe. The post-chrous percussion follows that feeling with that expansive rush of creative energy that one gets when they “find their groove.” Capturing that feeling in particular was something that was very important to us and our process to imprint in the music, since us finding our own groove that came from focusing our creative energies together during uncertain times is what inspired this project into being in the first place.

Enjoy the exclusive stream of “Affirmations” below and find the EP available to preorder on Bandcamp.

Photo by Micah Mathewson

“Crying in the soup aisle at Kroger,” the new song from Blood Root is not just one of the best titles of the year but it’s also one of the prettiest and most honest offerings that you’ll find this year.

Blood Root is the Nashville, Tennessee-based project of Taylor Wafford. She combines lush dreamy arrangements with a raw folk sound that shines through in an honest and personal fashion. Along with top-tier musicianship, Wafford’s vocals are delightful in a heavenly fashion that is bound to move you to tears.

This song is track 2/4 of her upcoming release, CRUX. It was recorded, produced, and mixed in her Nashville home, in a short period of time. Here’s her honest description of the track:

This song is about the feeling of being completely overwhelmed, symbolized by too many soup choices in the neighborhood Kroger.

We’re honored to have the privledge to share the premiere of “Crying in the soup aisle at Kroger,” which you can find streaming below. You can also grab buy the track at Bandcamp right now for $1.
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Premiere: Hula Hi-Fi – “Waterworn”

By Will Oliver, July 17th 2020

Hula Hi-Fi, the duo of Danica Dora and Josh Kaler, have shared “Waterworn,” the second single released off their upcoming album, Isle of Forgotten Dreams.

The track casts a lush and otherworldly shadow, one that has a lovely atmospheric touch that features the vocals stunning vocals well paired with careful instrumentation and some well-places strings. It’s an utter delight from start to finish.

KAler takes us deeper into the track with the following description of its origin:
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She Keeps Bees & Tim Carr have teamed up to release their new collaborative song “Star Stone Skin.” The track is the first single from a new remote collaborative series called Future Unknown. The project was started in the wake of the pandemic with the overall goal of offering artists a platform for communal expression during worldwide shutdowns. All proceeds from Future Unknown Vol.1 will be donated to Black Lives Matter LA.

Today we have the humbling honor of premiering the track, which is released officially tomorrow. It’s a widescreen folk-rocker with a bit of a country flair guiding it through, like a cool car coasting through the highway at night.

Jess Larrabee (of She Keeps Bees) shares a bit of background about the track below:
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