Premiere: Thai Food – “We Know”

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2020

Today saw Bay Area rockers Thai Food released their debut EP Running Things, of which we previously shared its opening track “Make Her Pay.”

We are back with the exclusive premiere of the closing track “We Know.” It’s an eccentric rocker that channels a lot of the grooviness found on odd-ball rockers released in the heyday of the 2000s on blogs like these. There are funky elements that give off a cheerful vibe and some interesting time signature changes that prove that these kids have got some chops.
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Sam Seeger has returned with his brand new single “The Day After an All-Nighter” and he’s given us the privilege of presenting the exclusive premiere of its awesome music video.

The track is a groovy and atmospheric rock effort that sounds like a spooky mix of Beck and The Strokes. This vibe is perfectly captured by Max Seeger of The Mayor of Bad News, who both produced and directed the video which was shot in his neighborhood in South Orange and features a cast of local artists and musicians.

Enjoy your first look at the music video for “The Day After an All-Nighter” below.
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Sydney-based indie-rock artist Timi Temple has returned with his groovy new single “Quick Words, Long Trouble,” which he produced himself.

Today we have the honor and privilege of premiering this big rock anthem, one that has a big-time psych-rock groove and some summer-sounding melodies that are brought home in a fashion that just begs to be played at maximum volume with the windows down during a nice summers drive. This sounds like the sort of rock anthem you’d hear on the radio in the 90s, a soundtrack for a much simpler time indeed.
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Premiere: The Tins – “Sooner or Later”

By Will Oliver, October 17th 2019

The Tins have returned with their brand new single “Sooner or Later” which the Buffalo art-rockers will release officially on October 18th via AWAL.

Today we have the honor of premiering the exclusive first listen of “Sooner or Later,” which showcases the band continuing to push the boundaries of their sound in a new direction while never straying too far to the point where they lose themselves either. “Sooner or Later” features drummer Dave Muntner leading the charge on vocals, with the track going to some dark minimalist places that we haven’t quite heard from them before and feels like a perfect fit for the fall season and Halloween activities that await.
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Video Premiere: SWOLL – “Unwound”

By Will Oliver, September 25th 2019

Photo by Kevin Chambers

Baltimore natives SWOLL began as a collaboration between Matt Dowling and Ben Schurr and last year they released their first bit of music before they even began playing shows.

Their self-titled debut album came not long after and the band toured in support of the album, becoming more of a band and less of a bedroom recording project, recruiting synth player Erik Sleight and lighting artist Zak Forrest to give their live shows a new direction.
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Brooklyn quartet Dropper are set to release their brand new EP and will celebrate it’s release with a hometown show tomorrow night at The Sultan Room.

The band have given us the privilege of premiering the whole EP in full with you, which you can find streaming below in its entirety. It’s 3 songs of passionate rock that has a very 90s influence but one that channels modern concerns in a way that feels very natural and moving. They have a knack for knowing how to give time to build a song up and deliver that final blow that you have been waiting for.

If you like what you hear, be sure to grab tickets for the release show tomorrow night and see what the band is all about in person.

New York musician Noah Chenfeld, whose music we have shared here before, has returned with a brand new song entitled “Stuck on a Page,” which was produced by Vlad Holiday.

It’s a smart and contemplative ballad that Chenfeld performed live during a show a City Winery, and today we have the honor premiering both the video of this live performance as well as the song itself.

Chenfeld lives it all on the floor on the sincere “Stuck on a Page,” showing off a dynamic range that marks him as a young artist with a voice worth listening to. He has proven to us that he can rock out but also turn things down a notch and offer something more vulnerable and personal, which proves to us he’s an artist worth gravitating towards.

Find his live performance at City Winery posted below, as well as the official stream of “Stuck on a Page” posted right below.
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