Photo by Martha Wurmus

Hamburg trio Roller Derby made a statement in 2020 providing a bit of hope during the dark year with their well-needed dreamy indie-pop songs that felt timeless and essential.

This is the case with their lovely new single “Something True” a “nostalgic folky dream pop song ” that is sung half in French, that discusses the “inevitable power of love.”

It feels like it’s from a different era, with a seductive yet emotional vocal performance from Philine Meyer, gorgeous string arrangements, and a sound that feels reminiscent of so many of the classics – yet given a boost with an exciting modern twist that gives it a newfound edge.

Today the band has given us the honor of exclusively premiering the music video for “Something True.” It’s a fitting cinematic companion to the song, one that was shot in Rio de Janeiro by the production company polvocontent and deftly directed by Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Tissot.

The video is inspired by the French Nouvelle Vague and showcases the struggles of a young artist (played by Viniele Lopes) in “accepting her art and how music helps her to go on.”

About the video, director Tissot, who is a fan of the band, stated:

It was a pleasure turning the song into a poetic moment of an imaginary life

Enjoy the exclusive premiere for Roller Derby’s video for “Something True” which you can watch now below.

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