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Hovvdy Share New Song “Runner”

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2020

Photo by Johnna Henry & Mallory Taylor

Austin, Texas’ Hovvdy have returned with their new single “Runner.” The duo of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor captures a dreamy melancholic sound that sets out to capture the youthful spirit of summers well spent.

You feel all the emotion building in the sonic layers that continue to expand as the song pushes forward.
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The Go! Team Share New Song “Cookie Scene”

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2020

Today, The Go! Team have returnde with brand new single “Cookie Scene,” released on Memphis Industries.

It’s got their typical joyful energy and colorful sonic palette a song that fuses indie rock grooves and uplifting pop-minded elements, as well as a guest appearance from rapper IndigoYaj.

Says The Go! Team’s Ian Parton:

The stripped back swinging percussion of ‘Iko Iko’ by the Dixie Cups and the loud crunchy shaker in Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ were both inspirations and I’ve always loved the way Bollywood or William Onyeabor songs would have random laser beams and electro toms popping up. I wanted to mix the street corner with the intergalactic, to take Detroit to outer space.

Find the music video for “Cookie Scene” available to watch below.
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Pete Yorn Shares “Jeannine” Video

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2020

Photo by Jim Wright

On Friday Pete Yorn returned with his brand new single “Jeannine.” It’s a track that has the trademark elements of a great song from Yorn, whose timeless sound feels as essential as ever in our current state of being. It also once again see’s Yorn working with Jackson Phillips of Day Wave, who produced the single as well as b-side “The World.”

Today he shared the music video for “Jeannine” the shows the inspiration for the track.
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East of Queen – “Crickets”

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2020

Photo by Keeley Lash

East of Queen is the project of Auckland, New Zealand’s Katherine Parsons. This weekend saw the release of her new single “Crickets.”

The track will be received with anything but the sound of crickets. It’s the sort of ethereal grand rising folk-rock that finds it’s own sonic territory and emerges on its own path. It’s a powerful statement, one that resonated with us and touched us a great deal.
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Pulse Park – “Apollonian Heart”

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2020

Pulse Park are a mysterious band out of the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Canada who have just shared their new track “Apollonian Heart.”

It channels great 90s indie rock such a Luna, with interesting guitar work and atmosphere built around a distinct vocal delivery that stands out on its own in a unique fashion. It’s a super great discovery, one that we hope we get more of from these guys in no time.
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Slow Caves – “Walk in the Park”

By Will Oliver, July 12th 2020

Photo by Gatsby Keyes

Slow Caves is an indie rock band that formed in Fort Collins, Colorado. The bands consists of Danish-American brothers, Jakob and Oliver Mueller, and their childhood friend David Dugan.

“Walk in the Park” is their brand new song, a track that channels the best part of old school shoegaze rockers, with the right amount of furious fuzzy goodness matched to perfection with dreamy soundscapes and vocals. It soars higher and higher continuously until you are swept off your feet in the most blissful manner.
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