Oxford psych-collective Mandrake Handshake has had a strong 2020, sharing their great singles “Hypersonic Super-Asterid” and “Mandragora” earlier this summer.

We weren’t the only ones paying attention as Nice Swan Records have adding them to their “Introduces series” in partnership with RIP Records.

“Gonkulator” is the second single offered from their debut EP, which will be released in early 2021. The track is a blissful throwback to old school psych-grooves and classic rock of the 60s/70s, which the band describes with:

This is our 3-minute party tune, but in swung 5/4 ‘cause who doesn’t love a good 5/4 groove!?

It’s a song about sheer joy, happiness and freedom for two and a half minutes and can’t be any longer because it’s too much otherwise!”

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