Fleet Foxes New Album ‘Shore’ Coming On Tuesday?

By Will Oliver, September 20th 2020

It looks like we may be getting a new Fleet Foxes album a lot sooner than we expected. The album looks to be entitled Shore and it looks to be getting a surprise release this Tuesday 9/22. Fans have been aware that an album was coming as Robin Pecknold has not been shy about giving us in-studio glimpses on his Instagram, but no one thought it would be coming this quickly.
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You may see that headline and be confused, asking yourself, wait, didn’t Osees just release their new album Protean Threat today? You surely must mean that when you say new album. Nope. While it’s true that Protean Threat is indeed a new album that is out today, the band also have announced another new album, Metamorphosed, that will be released on October 16th via Rock Is Hell.
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