Photo by Rhianna Hajduch

Nisa, the project of New York’s Nisa Lumaj, has announced her debut album, Shapeshifting, due out April 26 via Tender Loving Empire Records. Lumaj described the LP as “an album about movement, transformation, and the way self-growth can feel simultaneously exhilarating, disorienting and uncertain.”

With the announcement comes the release of its lead single “Smokescreen”, along with its music video, which is directed by Rhianna Hajduch. It packs a blend of that ’90s inspired rock with elements of the newfound pop terrain that she and producer Ronnie DiSimone (aka Torna – who produced, mixed and co-engineered the new collection) have incorporated into her sound. It’s the best of both worlds.

On the track, Nisa shares:

“I wrote ‘Smokescreen’ about the dance between seeking closure while being unable to fully let go. I was stuck in a loop of repetitive behavior and somehow also expecting to feel different, and after a while, it started to weigh on me. In order to make a change, I had to admit that I was prone to harmful patterns, and this song is about that self-realization.”

Enjoy the video for “Smokescreen” now below and pre-order the record on magenta sea glass vinyl here.

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