Photo by Tash Cutts & Samuel Travis

London-based four-piece Adult Jazz has announced their first album in a decade, So Sorry, So Slow, which will be released on April 26th via Spare Thought.

With the announcement, the band has shared new single “Suffer One” which features string arrangements by Owen Pallet. It’s an ethereal and haunted blend of the experimental artful blend of indie rock that the band crafts so well and uniquely in their own voice. It’s a romantic and stirring song that is as soothing as it is unusual – which is the defining feature of what made their debut album one of our favorites a decade ago.

Speaking on the song, the band adds:

“The song itself is about romance and seeking connection, and the sometimes terror baked into that,” says the band. “It was one of the earlier tracks the lyrics were completed on, and it ends with a bit of pathetic fallacy indulgence, which I think in hindsight teed up a lot of the conflation of the personal with the ecological in the rest of the record.”

Enjoy the visualizer for “Suffer One” below, where you can find the album art and tracklist posted as well.

So Sorry So Slow tracklist:

1. Bleat Melisma

2. Suffer One

3. y-rod

4. No Relief

5. Plenary

6. Marquee

7. Dusk Song

8. Earth of Woems

9. No Sentry

10. Ben

11. I Was Surprised

12. Windfarm

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