Photos + Article by Will Oliver

A lot has happened since I saw Of Montreal at Elsewhere on March 5th. At that time, we were still wondering what would unfold with the looming reality of the Coronavirus, although China and Italy provided enough evidence that the worst was most certainly yet to come. But ignorance is bliss, and life has to carry on, so we pushed forward with our daily lives and tried to indulge in all the live music that we could in the meantime.
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[Photos]: Pale Lights at Berlin (March 6, 2020)

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2020

Photos by Taryn Alper

Brooklyn’s Pale Lights will release their new single “You and I” / “Say You’ll Be the One,” on April 24th via Slumberland Records.

On March 6th they headlined a four-band bill at Berlin in lower Manhattan, which featured opening performances from Special Friend, Holy Tunics, and Kevin Hairs.

Our photographer Taryn Alper was there to capture photos from all four performances, all of which can be found posted in the gallery below.
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Kwoon – “Alaska”

By Will Oliver, March 23rd 2020

French post-punk artist Kwoon has returned with their brand new single “Alaska,” following a six-year break.

The track feels like it’s destined to be used in critical cinematic moments, with a ton of emotional and dramatic heft that channels a lot of emotional weight and beauty within its compositions.
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Wray – “Jogging” / “Neon Forming”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020

Birmingham, Alabama’s Wray are preparing for the release of their new album Stream of Youth / Blank World, which will be released on April 3rd via Earth Libraries.

“Jogging” is a trippy slice of art-rock that has an 80s new wave sound mixed with some more lush psych excursions that give it a timeless sound that radiates with your emotions as it continues to soar and soar upwards.
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Locate S, 1 – “Even The Good Boys Are Bad”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020

Locate S, 1, the project of Christina Schneider, will release her sophomore album Personalia on April 3rd via Captured Tracks.

Back in January, we shared with you the album’s lead single and title track “Personalia.” She’s since returned with the album’s next single “Even The Good Boys Are Bad,” with her partner Kevin Barnes (from of Montreal).

The track combines her sound with that ever-familiar art-pop sound that Barnes has made for the past two decades with of Montreal. It’s a colorful track that was birthed when the two were talking about their daughter beginning to date.

Schneider says:

I worry sometimes we are too distracted by our need to sort the good people from the bad people. Of course, everyone thinks they’re the good guy, so they can do no wrong. The natural conclusion of thinking you can do no wrong is hurting someone. Blind to your own power and privilege, you don’t even realize when you’re wielding it. Maybe the best way to get good is to first acknowledge how bad you can really be. Boys, you go first!

Find the track available to stream below via the official music video.