We have had the pleasure of covering the online edition of the Fantasia Festival this year and so far one of the highlights has been the film The Oak Room.

One of the defining moments of the movie is a song from Canadian composer Steph Copeland entitled “Love Didn’t Care For Me” that is played in parts throughout the film and in full during the film’s final scene. The song plays incredibly well during this pivotal moment and it made me desperate to find it as the credits rolled.

I wasn’t alone here, as fans were desperate for Copeland to officially release the track, and thankfully she has done just that. The track sits in a smokey room between country and folk, with a mysterious presence that you can’t shake. Running at 2:11 in length, it’s the sort of song you wish was just a bit longer, but at the same time, it’s the perfect length.

Enjoy a listen to “Love Didn’t Care For Me” and be sure to be on the lookout for The Oak Room whenever it is finally released elsewhere. You can buy the song right now on Bandcamp as well.

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