American Trappist is the project of Philadelphia-based songwriter/producer Joe Michelini, formerly of the New Jersey folk-rock band River City Extension. He will return with his fourth full-length album, Poison Reverse, which will be released on June 9th.

We previously shared album cut “Seg Fault” and he’s recently returned with follow-up single, “Lamentations.”

The track harvests a moody urgent atmosphere that has traces of an uneasy quality, blended with a hypnotic rock groove and powerhouse folk songwriting that paints a vivid picture.

Speaking on the single, Michellini adds:

“‘Lamentations’ is about coming out to my partner. We had a really hard time at first. We are so in love and were simultaneously realizing that the shape of our love and our relationship had been predefined for us. We desperately wanted to break free from that and redefine our partnership but it wasn’t easy and has taken many hours in therapy for both of us. Anyone who grew up in the church and has already done this work can relate. I also had some anxiety about engaging with my full self as a non-binary person. I didn’t have answers. I wasn’t sure who I would be if I was really honest with myself. I’m still working on that. The only thing I could promise was change, and that I loved my partner. I knew she was processing things in her own way but so desperately I wanted this person who was so close to me to be able to comfort me as well. That’s a lot to ask of her, and so there’s an inherent loneliness that comes from all of this, even though you’re working through it together. ‘Lamentations’ is about that feeling.”

Enjoy a listen to “Lamentations” now below.

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