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boygenius, the acclaimed supergroup trio of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, have announced their debut album is entitled, the record, and will be out on March 31st via Interscope.

With the announcement, the band has shared three songs from the record, “$20”, “Emily I’m Sorry” and “True Blue,” each song seeing a different member leading the charge.

$20 is a Julian Baker tune that features a bit of an early The New Pornographers element, while “Emily I’m Sorry” is a Phoebe Bridgers-led track that feels like it could have been a leftover from the Punisher session, and it turns out this is the song that started the boygenius album campaign after Bridgers sent it to Bridgers + Dacus a week after Punisher was released. Then there’s “True Blue” which features a very Lucy Dacus sprawling emotional epic scope to it.

Find all three songs available to listen to below, where you can also find the album tracklist.

the record Tracklistng:

  1. Without You Without Them
  2. $20
  3. Emily I’m Sorry
  4. True Blue
  5. Cool About It
  6. Not Strong Enough
  7. Revolution 0
  8. Leonard Cohen
  9. Satanist
  10.  We’re In Love
  11. Anti-Curse
  12. Letter To An Old Poet

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