Sea Power (formerly British Sea Power) will return with their new album Everything Was Forever, which will be released on February 18th.

The band has previously shared singles “Two Fingers” and “Folly” and today hit back with the latest single released: “Green Goddess.” It has that now-trademark anthemic and uplifting spiritually rich and rocking sound that no one does quite in the same way as them.

About the song, vocalist and guitarist Jan Scott Wilkinson expands:

“Green Goddess was written with [guitarist] Noble. He had the initial idea for the music which I helped arrange and add vocals to. It is a love song about everything green from the Lake District to the New Forest. The places I love to be which are quiet and restorative. It is also a love song for my wife whose favourite colour is green. A rumination on human and non-human muses. There are dark and complicated things going on but sometimes it is good to forget this and go to the places and where you are happy. A hope that the future doesn’t have to be at odds with the past.”

Enjoy a listen to “Green Goddess” now below.

Everything Was Forever:

1. Scaring At The Sky
2. Transmitter
3. Two Fingers
4. Fire Escape In The Sea
5. Doppelgänger
6. Fear Eats The Soul
7. Folly
8. Green Goddess
9. Lakeland Echo
10. We Only Want To Make You Happy

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