We Are Scientists reissued their still very much beloved debut album With Love And Squalor, which came out back in 2005. The band is preparing for a run of shows overseas in support of the re-release (which they are calling the 50th anniversary with their typical sense of humor) and warmed up with an intimate hometown show last week at Elsewhere Zone One on November 13th.

The duo of Keith Murray and Chris Cain, along with touring drummer Keith Carne, played all of the album in full (just as they did back in 2016 at Irving Plaza), which was then followed by a set of some of their older and more recent favorite cuts. After all these years, it’s incredible how these songs still hold up as well as I remember. Getting to see them play it in such a small place made it all that much more special, getting to sing along to all of these songs alongside the passionate fans.

Kicking off the show was a set from Practice, the new project of We Are Scientists former drummer Michael Tapper. Find shots from both performances posted below, along with We Are Scientists’ setlist.


We Are Scientists:

We Are Scientists setlist:

1. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
2. This Scene Is Dead
3. Inaction
4. Can’t Lose
5. Callbacks
6. Cash Cow
7. It’s a Hit
8. The Great Escape
9. Textbook
10. Lousy Reputation
11. Worth the Wait
12. What’s the Word
13. Ghouls
14. Rules Don’t Stop
15. Buckle
16. Chick Lit
17. KIT
18. One In, One Out
19. After Hours
20. No Wait at Five Leaves


21. Too Late
22. Dumb Luck


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