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On May 11 hometown boys We Are Scientists played a special show at Irving Plaza that served two purposes. Firstly, it was in support of their newly released album Helter Seltzer (via 100% Records). Secondly, it served to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their breakthrough record With Love and Squalor. To celebrate this, the first set from the band (Keith Murray and Chris Cain) featured the groups previous drummer Michael Tapper to resume his old duties on the songs that he helped create.

Getting to see the old trio back together again, delivering all these crowd-pleasing rockers took me back to 2006, when I saw We Are Scientists open up for Arctic Monkeys at Roseland Ballroom, one of my earliest concert memories. Some songs such as “Worth The Wait” and “What’s The Word” haven’t been played in many years (since 2007 and 2006, respectfully). They nailed each and every song, proving that sometimes it’s perfectly fine to revel in nostalgia.

The second set featured current drummer Keith Carne and a combination of highlights from the new album (such as the already classic WAS anthem “Buckle”) as well as favorites from their whole catalog, including “Rules Don’t Stop,” “Chick Lit,” and “After Hours.”

We Are Scientists got to deliver a full set of all the songs they know all their fans want, as well as all the stuff that they actually want to play. It was one of those setlists where both the band and fans went home completely happy with what transpired that night at Irving Plaza.

Find some photos from their performance along with the setlist, both of which are posted below.

We Are Scientists Setlist:

[With Love and Squalor]
1. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
2. This Scene Is Dead
3. Inaction
4. Can’t Lose
5. Callbacks
6. Cash Cow
7. It’s a Hit
8. The Great Escape
9. Textbook
10. Lousy Reputation
11. Worth the Wait
12. What’s the Word

Set 2:

13. Rules Don’t Stop
14. Buckle
15. Chick Lit
16. Classic Love
17. I Don’t Bite
18. Dumb Luck
19. Impatience
20. In My Head
21. Make It Easy
22. Nice Guys
23. After Hours
24. Too Late

2_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

3_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

4_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

5_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

6_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

7_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

8_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

9_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

10_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

11_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

12_We Are Scientists_Irving Plaza

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[…] along with touring drummer Keith Carne, played all of the album in full (just as they did back in 2016 at Irving Plaza), which was then followed by a set of some of their older and more recent favorite cuts. After all […]


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