Bishop Briggs, whose debut LP Church of Scars came out just last year, is already set to release her sophomore effort Champion (via Island Records) on the 8th of November. In anticipation of the new album, she set out on a headlining tour that stopped by Webster Hall on the 15th of October alongside supporting acts Jax Anderson and Miya Folick.

Since the last Bishop Briggs headlining tour that we caught was back in 2017, her stage presence, stage production, and especially her audience have all grown in the interim. She was backed by a multi-instrumentalist on guitar and keyboard as well as a drummer who were both perched above the stage and behind a massive LED wall. This arrangement allowed for Bishop Briggs to cover just about every inch of the Webster Hall stage, practically prancing from side to side and back to front non-stop during every song, save for a seated acoustic performance of “Dream” that came almost halfway through the set. Of particular note due to the genuine surprise that it elicited was a medley of “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco, and “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance which allowed for Bishop Briggs to “live out [her] emo dreams.”

Check out the Bishop Briggs setlist and a photo gallery of Bishop Briggs, Jax Anderson, and Miya Folick below:

Jax Anderson

Miya Folick

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs Setlist:

1. Champion
2. Wild Horses
3. Dark Side
4. Hallowed Ground
5. Be Your Love
6. Jekyll & Hide
7. White Flag
8. Stressed Out / I Write Sins Not Tragedies / Welcome to the Black Parade
9. Dream
10. Tattooed On My Heart
11. The Way I Do
12. Someone Else
13. Hi-Lo (Hollow)
14. The Fire
15. Baby


16. My Shine
17. River

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