Dirty Projectors
Photos by Qbertplaya

Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter have been sharing the road together on a dual-headlining tour that sees the bands swap the order that they play each night.

Dirty Projectors (who we last saw last November at Elsewhere) are supporting their 2018 album Lamp Lit Prose (released via Domino Records), while Deerhunter (who we last saw in February at Brooklyn Steel) are supporting this year’s Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? (released via 4AD).

Dirty Projectors
On Tuesday night, September 10th, the bands kicked off their 2-night stand at Webster Hall, with Deerhunter playing first and then Dirty Projectors. Our photographer Qbertplaya was there to capture photos from both performances.

Find all of her shots posted below along with both setlists.


Deerhunter setlist:

1. Death in Midsummer
2. No One’s Sleeping
3. What Happens to People?
4. Helicopter
5. Revival
6. Desire Lines
7. Sailing
8. Take Care
9. Futurism
10. Plains
11. Coronado

Dirty Projectors:

Dirty Projectors setlist:

1. What Is the Time
2. About to Die
3. Cannibal Resource
4. Break-Thru
5. The Socialites
6. Beautiful Mother
7. Inner World
8. Overlord
9. Lose Your Love
10. Temecula Sunrise
11. That’s a Lifestyle
12. Cool Your Heart
13. Right Now
14. Impregnable Question


15. No Embrace
16. Rise Above

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