In January Deerhunter returned with their new album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?, which was released via 4AD. It’s been in constant roation for us since it’s release and is likely going to go down as one of the very best albums of the entire year. We got our first preview of the album when the band played one of the last shows at House of Vans Brooklyn last summer and last night they made their return to New York for a sold out performance at Brooklyn Steel.

Along with longtime members Bradford Cox (singer/guitarist), Moses Archuleta (drummer) and Lockett Pundt (guitarist/singer), Deerhunter have settled in with the more recent additions of bassist Josh McKay (since 2013) and keyboardist/saxophonist Javier Morales (since 2016) and their recent shows have shown that this is one of their strongest formations to date.

Last night’s show was another example why they are, with a strong run through many of the new offerings off of Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?, with plenty of expected older favorites like “Desire Lines,” “Helicopter,” “Agoraphobia,” and even some slightly deeper cuts like “Cryptograms” and “Disappearing Ink” off of their Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP. They were joined by opener and harpist Mary Lattimore for a lovely performance of “Sailing,” a gentle and moving performance that was contrasted by the more raw and raucous encore-closing performance of “Monomania,” that saw Cox briefly surf at the front of the crowd and then letting fans borrow his guitar for a bit.

The band seems to be at a really good place together and it not only shows on their newest release but also with how tight their live performances all. At this point of the band’s career, it would be easy for them to make a wrong turn but it’s amazing just how consistent they have been, arguably one of the most consistent American bands in all of music.

Find a full photo gallery from last night’s performance below, along with the setlist.

Deerhunter setlist:

1. Cryptograms
2. Death in Midsummer
3. No One’s Sleeping
4. What Happens to People?
5. Helicopter
6. Futurism
7. Desire Lines
8. Sailing
9. Element
10. Plains
11. Disappearing Ink
12. Coronado
13. Nocturne


14. Cover Me (Slowly)
15. Agoraphobia
16. Monomania

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