There are some artists who we can constantly reply on constantly pushing the possibilities of the genre, with experimental pop artist Julia Holter being one of them who has continued to grow with each and every new release.

This includes her latest album Aviary, which was released last year (and one of our favorite albums of the year) via Domino Records and features the avant-garde sounds that are complex and challenging yet addictive and very much have a pop sensibility engrained within in its DNA.

Last Friday night saw Holter bring her tour in support of Aviary to Brooklyn for a performance to a packed audience at Warsaw, featuring an opening performance from Jessica Moss. This was our first time seeing Holter perform since she played Bowery Ballroom in 2016.

Holter performed a strong 16-song set that saw the talented singer-songwriter put newfound confidence on stage that demonstrated the most stage presence that we’ve seen from her to date. Her and her backing band tighty wove through the experimental nature of her songs that were beautifully recreated with precision and care that touched the entire audience on a deep emotional level.

You can find a full set of photos from her performance, as well as Moss’ posted below, along with Holter’s setlist.

Jessica Moss:

Julia Holter:

Julia Holter setlist:

1. In Gardens’ Muteness
2. Turn The Light On
3. Whether
4. Silhouette
5. Chaitius
6. Feel You
7. Voce Simul
8. Underneath the Moon
9. Colligere
10. Les Jeux to You
11. I Would Rather See
12. Words I Heard
13. Sea Calls Me Home
14. I Shall Love 2


15. I Shall Love 1
16. Betsy on the Roof

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