Peter, Bjorn and John

Georgi Kay

On November 30 Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John returned to New York for a pair of shows in New York that kicked off with a slightly more intimate performance at Rough Trade NYC (they played Bowery Ballroom the next night).

Georgi Kay

Night 1 featured an opening set from Australian indie pop musician Georgi Kay, who is supporting her debut album Where I Go to Disappear, which she recently released via Monoki Records. Kay performed just by herself and commanded the room with her performance, featuring just a laptop, an electronic drum pad, and her strong vocals. In-between her anthemic electro-pop songs, Kay engaged with some information about herself and the songs off her album which she shared with us in a lively fashion that night. Admittedly, Kay’s sound was not one that you’d automatically pair with an opening slot for Peter, Bjorn and John, but the fact she not only warmed up the crowd but won them over, speaks to her talent as an artist.

Peter, Bjorn and John

Up next was Peter, Bjorn and John, who we last saw in 2016 at Webster Hall (as well as Baby’s All Right), who are currently touring America in support of their new album Darker Days, which was released in October via Ingrid.

Getting to see the band operate in the confines of a room like Rough Trade NYC was a real treat, with all the new songs blending so well with older material, especially now-classic material like “Teen Love,” “Up Against The Wall,” and of course, “Young Folks.” Singer and guitarist Peter MorĂ©n had total command of the room, not only navigating the stage with confidence, but also bringing the show into the audience on multiple occasions.

Between the performances from both Kay and PB&ampJ, it was a picture-perfect night of music

Georgi Kay:

Peter Bjorn and John:

Peter Bjorn and John setlist:

1. Call it off
2. Far Away, By My Side
3. Do-Si-Do
4. Living a Dream
5. Gut Feeling
6. Amsterdam
7. In This Town
8. Wrapped Around the Axle
9. One for the Team
10. Dig a Little Deeper
11. Teen Love
12. Second Chance
13. Down Like Me


14. Breakin’ Point
15. Young Folks
16. Up Against the Wall
17. Lies

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