Cleveland rockers Cloud Nothings don’t get nearly enough credit for how hard working of a band that they are. They’ve released five albums in the past seven years, with each one taking a new shape. It’s hard to imagine the more power-pop days of their debut when you hear the punishing rock sounds that make up their new album Last Building Burning, which was released on October 19 via Carpark Records.

The tour in support of the record came to New York on December 1ts for a performance at Warsaw in Brooklyn. This was our first time seeing them since their performance at Webster Hall in February 2017 and even since then the bands sound has morphed even further into something different than that previous performance.

The show began with them running through the new album from top to bottom, all with video clips of cult movies and Lebron James dunk highlight videos project behind them as they played. While it’s hard to ignore the stoic yet dominant presence of frontman Dylan Baldi and the rhythmic control of bassist TJ Duke, it’s the drumming of Jayson Gerycz that truly shines during their set. It’s also hard to deny the impact of newest member Chris Brown helping to shape on the more raw, intense punk sound that they ripped through.

Following the performance of Last Building Burning, they ran through a few of the “hits” from previous albums, such as “Stay Useless,” “I’m Not A Part of Me” and an encore performance of the always epic “Wasted Days.” The band didn’t waste time engaging in much stage banter, but went straight into business and gave us one hell of a rockin’ performance.

Find photo galleries and setlists from both their performance and openers The Courtneys posted below.

The Courtneys:

The Courtneys setlist:

1. Silver Velvet
2. Country Song
3. Minnesota
4. Lost Boys
5. FND
6. Insufficient Funds
7. NĂ¼ Sundae
8. Nathan
9. Frankie

Cloud Nothings:

Cloud Nothings setlist:

1. On an Edge
2. Leave Him Now
3. In Shame
4. Offer an End
5. The Echo Of The World
6. Dissolution
7. So Right So Clean
8. Another Way of Life
9. Realize My Fate
10. Strange Year
11. Pattern Walks
12. Stay Useless
13. I’m Not Part of Me


14. Wasted Days

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