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All photos by Dave Scholten

On November 13 Tennis and Matt Costa performed at Le Poisson Rouge as a part of Tennis’ intimate “Solo In Stereo” tour, featuring just Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley performing stripped-down versions of their songs (a much different set-up than their show at Brooklyn Steel back in January). Costa was touring in support of his new album Santa Rosa Fangs, which was released via Dangerbird Records back in May.

Our photographer Dave Scholten was there to capture photos from both performances, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below.

Matt Costa:


Tennis setlist:

1. 10 Minutes 10 Years
2. My Emotions Are Blinding
3. Born to Be Needed
4. Fields of Blue
5. My Better Self
6. Needle and a Knife
7. Mean Streets
8. I Miss That Feeling
9. Modern Woman
10. Building God
11. It All Feels the Same
12. In The Morning I’ll Be Better
13. Bad Girls
14. Timothy
15. Please Don’t Ruin This For Me


16. Island Music

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