Both Aimee Mann and Superchunk just hit Jersey City for seperate headlining shows of their own (find coverage of Mann’s here and Superchunk’s here). Their tours collided for a joint performance at Prospect Park on June 21 as a part of the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. The show also featured an opening performance from Jonathan Coulton who also plays in Mann’s band.

Our photographer Qbertplaya was there to capture photos from all three performances, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below, along with both Mann and Superchunk’s setlist.

Jonathan Coulton:


Superchunk Setlist:

1. 100,000 Fireflies (The Magnetic Fields cover)
2. I Got Cut
3. Reagan Youth
4. What a Time to Be Alive
5. Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
6. Package Thief
7. Detroit Has a Skyline
8. Like a Fool
9. This Summer
10. Crossed Wires
11. Hello Hawk
12. Erasure
13. Break the Glass
14. Driveway to Driveway
15. Digging for Something
16. Slack Motherfucker
17. Throwing Things

Aimee Mann:

Aimee Mann Setlist:

1. 4th of July
2. Little Bombs
3. Patient Zero
4. The Moth
5. Labrador
6.Humpty Dumpty
7. Rollercoasters
8. You Never Loved Me
9. Goose Snow Cone
10. Save Me
11. Going Through the Motions
12. Borrowing Time
13. Long Shot


14. One (Harry Nilsson cover)
15. Wise Up
16. Voices Carry (’Til Tuesday song)

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