Lucy Dacus has given us one of 2018’s finest releases so far with her breathtaking sophomore album Historian, released on March 2 via Matador Records. She celebrated release day with a sold out performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg, which also kicked off her tour in support of the album.

Kicking off the night was Adult Mom and And The Kids, with And The Kids’ Hannah Mohan pulling double duty in both sets. It was my first time seeing either act (although Joe caught them for us last March) and I was quite impressed by the live presence of both, especially And The Kids who effortlessly won over the crowd from the very first song and kept the momentum going throughout their set.

And The Kids

It was then time for Lucy Dacus to take the stage and being the release show for Historian, she rifled through nearly all of the album. The last time we saw her was a year ago when she was testing out songs from the new album during her opening slot for Sylvan Esso. It was rewarding to hear these songs at their final point on both the album and in person.

She and her band began with the albums second track “Addictions” and they continued in order all the way to “Pillar of Truth,” leaving it’s lead single “Night Shift” to close the regular set and fittingly using album closer “Historians” to close the show during the one-song encore. Only three songs from her debut album No Burden were played (“I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” “Map On A Wall” and “Dream State…”), but considering how great the new record is and her mighty evolution, it was understandable.

This was an attentive audience (one that included her father) that was left completely in awe by the magical spell that Dacus cast upon us. It was the sort of show where you are afraid to shift your weight, as the slightest noise would be a disruption.

It won’t be long before seeing Dacus play small rooms like this will become a rare commodity. She’s going places and it’s going to be a pleasure to see her achieve all of her well-deserved success.

Find photos from Adult mom, And The Kids and Lucy Dacus posted in the gallery below (along with Dacus’ setlist).

Adult Mom:

And The Kids:

Lucy Dacus:

Lucy Dacus Setlist:

1. Addictions
2. The Shell
3. Nonbeliever
4. Yours & Mine
5. Body to Flame
6. Timefighter
7. Next of Kin
8. Pillar of Truth
9. Map on a Wall
10. Dream State…
11. Familiar Place
12. I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore
13. Night Shift


14. Historians

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