You may be remember musician Alex Schaaf for his tremendous work with the now defunct indie rock band Yellow Ostrich. After four years as Yellow Ostrich, Schaaf wrapped things up in 2014 (we caught their final show ever) and began a stint as a touring member with The Tallest Man On Earth and Tei Shi. Soon enough he got the desire to begin making his own music again which eventually became the start of Human Heat.

After an emotional breakup, Schaaf left Brooklyn and moved back home to the Midwest where the project really took flight and resulted in his debut Human Heat full-length album All Is Too Much, which was released in September via Offline Records.

Below I have shared with you guys the rather lovely and melancholic slice of carefully constructed synth-pop that still has Schaaf’s signature songwriting style and vocal delivery which is still operating like a charm. You can enjoy that below and find the whole album streaming and available to purchase at the Human Heat bandcamp page.

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