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It broke my heart when I learned that Yellow Ostrich were breaking up. I’ve been following Alex Schaaf’s career since his days in The Chairs. I watched him start out releasing songs made in his bedroom, to playing stages such as Bowery Ballroom and growing into a full four-piece band. It’s been an amazing to watch how far Schaaf has taken Yellow Ostrich, and it was only right that I was there to see him play it out.

I found solace in their decision to play one final show in New York, and at Glasslands. It felt appropriate, considering that Glasslands is unfortunately closing it’s doors after tomorrow night (New Year’s Eve is the last night), and that Yellow Ostrich’s first NYC show was played there. Alex thought the timing was appropriate, joking that they made a suicide pact with the venue. And that joke would really be the only comment that Alex or anyone in Yellow Ostrich would make about it being their last show. They didn’t make much mention of the fact, staying free from any emotional dramatics, which was surprising but refreshing.

2_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

They let the music do all the talking, running through a pitch perfect set that served as a flashback through the five years of their existence. From cuts from their recently released album Cosmos, to favorites such as “Elephant King,” “Marathon Runner,” and “Whale” induced gleeful crowd sing-alongs, giving it all the sentiment that it deserved.

The encore consisted of “Hate Me Soon” and an expansive six-minute version of “Mary,” that was a perfect way to send her, and Yellow Ostrich away into the night. Sadly the show also signaled the end of Glasslands for me. I decided that there wouldn’t be a better way to leave Glasslands than this show, so I made the decision to make it my last. So in one night, I had to say goodbye to both Yellow Ostrich and Glasslands, a band and a place that have meant a lot to me over the years. It didn’t really hit me until right now, but man, this sucks.

The show featured opening sets from Tei Shi (Val sings on a track for Alex’s new project Human Heat), Norwegian Arms, and Belle Mare.

Photos of the show posted below, along with Yellow Ostrich’s final setlist. NYCTaper also has a recording of the entire show.


1. Fog
2. Shades
3. Hold On
4. Neon Fists
5. How Do You Do It
6. Elephant King
7. My Moons
8. Whale
9. Ghost
10. Any Wonder
11. Things Are Fallin’
12. Marathon Runner


13. Hate Me Soon
14. Mary

Yellow Ostrich:

3_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

4_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

5_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

6_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

7_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

8_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

9_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

10_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

11_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

12_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

13_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

14_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

15_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

16_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

17_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

18_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

19_Yellow Ostrich_Glasslands

Tei Shi:

1_Tei Shi_Glasslands

2_Tei Shi_Glasslands

3_Tei Shi_Glasslands

4_Tei Shi_Glasslands

5_Tei Shi_Glasslands

6_Tei Shi_Glasslands

7_Tei Shi_Glasslands

8_Tei Shi_Glasslands

9_Tei Shi_Glasslands

10_Tei Shi_Glasslands

Norwegian Arms:

1_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

2_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

3_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

4_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

5_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

6_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

7_Norwegian Arms_Glasslands

Belle Mare:

1_Belle Mare_Glasslands

2_Belle Mare_Glasslands

3_Belle Mare_Glasslands

4_Belle Mare_Glasslands

5_Belle Mare_Glasslands

6_Belle Mare_Glasslands

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