Not even one of the coldest days/nights of the year in New York City could stop fans from coming out for Martin Courtney’s sold out show at Baby’s All Right just one day before Valentines Day. Also, when we say one of the coldest, we really do mean it – when doors opened temperatures were hovering around 10º F with a wind chill that made it feel like it was the low single digits. The frigid cold temperatures didn’t stop anybody from getting there early though to catch openers and fellow NYC bands Cut Worms and EZTV though, as this was one show not to be missed.


First up was Cut Worms, which was the first time we’ve caught him live. His set was fun and full of vintage type big band tunes with some mild alt–country flair. If that sounds like a lot for Baby’s, you’re right. Cut Worms had began his set by plugging in an iPod and playing some backing tracks while he sung over them with some killer dance moves. A few songs in and some of the songs ended with added applause which brought a little laughter to the crowd. He then unplugged the iPod and plugged into an acoustic guitar and started playing some songs acoustic, which was the much stronger part to his set. The songs he played were a little depressing in nature (lyrically speaking, which he even admitted and acknowledged) but had nice upbeat sound to them. His set was relatively short but we’re excited to see what he’ll cook up next.


Up next was fellow NYC locals, EZTV who have been recently playing extensively in support of their fantastic debut album that came out last year, Calling Out. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen EZTV, we were there when they opened up for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard back in September as well as when they opened for La Luz back last August and they seem to have gotten better and tighter in a live setting with every show. EZTV, who is normally a 3 piece were playing with a fourth member who was helping out with some added guitar work which helped fill their sound out and eventually lead to a somewhat cramped stage at the end of the show (we’ll get to that in a minute).

After EZTV finished their set, Martin and the rest of the band took the stage promptly at 10:35 to a very packed and sold out crowd. We were there for Courtney’s fantastic album release show at National Sawdust back in November of last year and were excited we had the opportunity to see him yet again in the new year. Courtney has been touring in support of his excellent debut solo album Many Moons released last year via Domino, which is easily one of 2015’s finest releases.

Courtney and company played Many Moons in its entirety as well as a few stellar covers we’ve heard before along with some we haven’t. The first thing that came to my mind was the comparison to the National Sawdust show, and how would these songs sound slightly stripped down as compared to the fuller band he had at the album release show (which included a string section and woodwind instruments). Well, I can say these songs sound just as good with or without the added instrumentation and a perfect example of that is the title track off the album, “Many Moons.” In place of the flute was a more prominent guitar solo that made the song feel new and fresh without sounding too different from the recorded version, or version heard back at the album release show. Also helping fill the sound out and sitting in with the band was fellow Real Estate member, Matt Kallman who also played keys on the album. Courtney told the crowd that Matthew couldn’t tour with the band but was able to sit in for the show which was a nice surprise and treat for the crowd.


Just as Courtney had done at his Sawdust show, he ended his set with some covers which were equally as fantastic as his first set. He played The Replacements “Major Leagues” in which he gained some help from the crowd in the form of an unofficial sing along as well as Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” He then jumped into the next cover, Echo & The Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” which was absolutely flawless. I’m dying for a proper recording of the cover, so maybe this is a hint of a future b–side for an upcoming single? One can certainly hope so. After “The Killing Moon,” Courtney invited all of EZTV to come back out and perform a cover by the Feelies, “On The Roof” with a whopping 9 people on stage – 5 guitarists, 1 bass player, 2 drummers and 1 keyboard player. If it sounds like it could have been a mess, I can reassure you – it was not a mess at all and one fantastic cover performed with perfection. The cover was powerful, fast paced and everything you’d want from a show ending song.

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