1_Mothers_Baby's All Right

(Mothers at Baby’s All RighT)

Prior to the fifth and final day of CMJ 2015, I had one of the longest days ever covering the festival (which is saying something), but I still came out strong ready to end the festival on a high note.

Once again I headed back to Baby’s All Right (I may as well have spent the night) for Brooklyn Vegan’s day party, where I caught some great sets from The Gotobeds, Shopping, Dilly Dally, The So So Glos, Wildhoney, and finally, Frankie Cosmos.

I took a break to head to (Le) Poisson Rouge to finally check out a live performance from John Grant, which certainly was worth the trip over to Manhattan.

From there I went back to Baby’s to finish off the rest of the BV showcase, catching sets from Mothers, Lilys, and then going over the Knitting Factory for the Flowerbooking showcase to end my CMJ with a fun late night party featuring sets from Eternal Summers and Diet Cig

The Gotobeds at Baby’s All Right:

1_The Gotobeds_Baby's All Right

2_The Gotobeds_Baby's All Right

3_The Gotobeds_Baby's All Right

4_The Gotobeds_Baby's All Right

Shopping at Baby’s All Right:

1_Shopping_Baby's All Right

2_Shopping_Baby's All Right

3_Shopping_Baby's All Right

4_Shopping_Baby's All Right

Dilly Dally at Baby’s All Right:

1_Dilly Dally_Baby's All Right

2_Dilly Dally_Baby's All Right

3_Dilly Dally_Baby's All Right

4_Dilly Dally_Baby's All Right

The So So Glos at Baby’s All Right:

1_The So So Glos_Baby's All Right

2_The So So Glos_Baby's All Right

3_The So So Glos_Baby's All Right

Wildhoney at Baby’s All Right:

1_Wildhoney_Baby's All Right

2_Wildhoney_Baby's All Right

3_Wildhoney_Baby's All Right

Frankie Cosmos at Baby’s All Right:

1_Frankie Cosmos_Baby's All Right

2_Frankie Cosmos_Baby's All Right

3_Frankie Cosmos_Baby's All Right

4_Frankie Cosmos_Baby's All Right

Mothers at Baby’s All Right:

2_Mothers_Baby's All Right

3_Mothers_Baby's All Right

4_Mothers_Baby's All Right

Lilys at Baby’s All Right:

1_Lilys_Baby's All Right

2_Lilys_Baby's All Right

3_Lilys_Baby's All Right

Eternal Summers at Knitting Factory:

1_Eternal Summers_Knitting Factory

2_Eternal Summers_Knitting Factory

3_Eternal Summers_Knitting Factory

Diet Cig at Knitting Factory:

1_Diet Cig_Knitting Factory

2_Diet Cig_Knitting Factory

3_Diet Cig_Knitting Factory

4_Diet Cig_Knitting Factory

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