After a rather busy first day of CMJ, I kicked off day two right with a performance from our buddy Oscar at Pianos, as a part of the Kanine Records day party. It was my first time catching Oscar since he played our very own CMJ at Pianos in 2014, and he had a new band and some new songs to share. I stuck around Pianos a bit more and saw a fun band out of Toronto called Weaves and then the always entertaining Beverly.

I then ran over to the newly opened Berlin to catch sets from both New Myths and Multimagic as a part of the Holy Underground CMJ Showcase. New Myths are based out of New York, and just happen to feature two fellow graduates of Tappan Zee High School. If you’re a regular attendee of live music in New York, you’ve probably either seen them open a show or seen the name around. This is because their fresh and exciting blend of new-wave rock is as sharp as you can get, and goes over real well live. Same can be said for Multimagic, a indie-rock group from Cincinnati who deliver a performance that’s about as fun and joyous as you can hope for. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, an album that I hope we have to spin during the upcoming summer months.

From there my night got chaotic in a way that only CMJ (and SXSW) could provide. I got to Santos Party House for the NME + PopGun + House Arrest CMJ Party where I briefly caught sets from Car Seat Headrest, Seratones, Protomartyr, and Downtown Boys.

From there I ran over to Webster Hall to catch a headlining performance from Neon Indian, who shared tracks from his new record Vega Intl. Night School (out via Mom + Pop), a recording that seems to be growing on me more and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, I closed the crazy day with yet another performance from Oscar, this time at Baby’s All Right for the Handsome Dad Records free showcase, that also featured London group Beach Baby.

Day 2 of CMJ certainly lived up to the word marathon.

Find photos from all of the days sets below.

Oscar at Pianos:







Weaves at Pianos:









Beverly at Pianos:







New Myths at Berlin:

1_New Myths_Berlin

2_New Myths_Berlin

3_New Myths_Berlin

4_New Myths_Berlin

5_New Myths_Berlin

6_New Myths_Berlin

7_New Myths_Berlin

Multimagic at Berlin:







Car Seat Headrest at Santos Party House:

1_Car Seat Headrest_Santos Party House

2_Car Seat Headrest_Santos Party House

3_Car Seat Headrest_Santos Party House

4_Car Seat Headrest_Santos Party House

5_Car Seat Headrest_Santos Party House

Seratones at Santos Party House:

1_Seratones_Santos Party House

2_Seratones_Santos Party House

3_Seratones_Santos Party House

4_Seratones_Santos Party House

5_Seratones_Santos Party House

Protomartyr at Santos Party House:

1_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

2_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

3_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

4_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

5_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

6_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

7_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

8_Protomartyr_Santos Party House

Downtown Boys at Santos Party House:

1_Downtown Boys_Santos Party House

2_Downtown Boys_Santos Party House

3_Downtown Boys_Santos Party House

Oscar at Baby’s All Right:

1_Oscar_Baby's All Right

2_Oscar_Baby's All Right

3_Oscar_Baby's All Right

4_Oscar_Baby's All Right

5_Oscar_Baby's All Right

6_Oscar_Baby's All Right

7_Oscar_Baby's All Right

Beach Baby at Baby’s All Right:

1_Beach Baby_Baby's All Right

2_Beach Baby_Baby's All Right

3_Beach Baby_Baby's All Right

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