Teen Daze is a name that I have seen around various music outlets recently, but I never quite found the time to give him a chance. After posting his remix of Local Natives’ “Wide Eyes”, I have finally succumbed to the chillwave craze that has become Teen Daze, and I am totally digging his work.

Not too much is known about Teen Daze. All we know is he is one man from Vancouver spitting out dreamy electronica that earned the label chillwave (of course). That title is starting to get somewhat overused, but hey, it does apply. Teen Daze’s songs are layered to the finest degree with airy vocals, dramy electronics, that form a widescreen sound that will accompany you throughout the fading summer months.

Teen Daze started gaining momentum through his tumblr (a must for every upcoming chillwave act) by posting his songs. He also posted remixes he did for artists like Twin Sister and Washed Out. He would continue to post new songs, and more and more people picked up on his music. Then heavy hands like Pitchfrok & GorillavsBear picked up on his work, and you can use your imagination.

He is set to release his debut EP, Four More Years, on August 12 on 12″ vinyl through record label Arcade Sound Ltd., who have been doing great things as of late. I have spent the last few hours downloading every song/remix I can find involving Teen Daze. He has perfectly captured the summer sound on a really emotional level, something that I thought the rest of this new genre has been lacking.

Teen Daze is one of 2010’s best newcomers, for sure.

Check out a few of his songs below, including a few EP cuts, remix’s, and a cover of Washed Out:

[mp3]: Teen Daze – Neon
[mp3]: Teen Daze – Saviour
[mp3]: Teen Daze – New Theory (Washed Out Cover)


[mp3]: Oh No! Yoko – 90s Kids (Teen Daze Remix)
[mp3]: Young Liars – Colours (Teen Daze Remix)
[mp3]: Twin Sister – All Around and Away We Go (Teen Daze Remix)

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