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Mt. Joy – “Witness”

By Will Oliver, May 26th 2020

Mt. Joy has given us a good solid amount of their brand new album Rearrange Us, out June 5th on Dualtone Records. Although the release date is nearly around the corner, the band hasn’t let up on their unveiling of more new cuts from the LP.

“Witness” is the latest to be shared off the record and it’s another bright-minded folk offering with a powerful display of vocals and arrangements that feels strong and heartfelt.
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DC – “Neighbourhood”

By Will Oliver, May 22nd 2020

South London emcee DC has been building a steady reputation overseas of late and has recently returned with his brand new single “Neighbourhood.”

The track is perfectly produced with a vivid sense of style and place that perfectly suites his observant lyricism and rhymes. The track sees DC recall life around him in South London, with a style that is refreshing to my American ears, tired of what is being forced upon us here.

About the track, DC says:

Neighbourhood is a reflection of my environment. Almost a detailed diary of experiences I’ve had in the ends and the results of that – whether good or bad. It addresses several issues but all centres around one thing of being ‘out here til it kills me, I’m gonna get the job done, I’m gonna keep going’. I’ve taken some time to live life outside of the studio and now I’m ready to return and it shows in the music. I’m feeling aligned in myself but at a higher level so let’s get it.

Enjoy a listen to “Neighbourhood” with the official music video, which is posted below.

Back in March Local Natives performed Sunlit Youth track “Dark Days” live on Jimmy Kimmel that featured Sylvan Esso’s ​Amelia Meath joining them on guest vocals.

Today the band dropped an official studio version of this collaboration that we are certainly happy exists. Find both bands comments on the team-up posted below:

Local Natives:

“Dark Days” is a loose homage to growing up in Southern California: first loves, sneaking out, finding your our own way —all while trying to outrun religious guilt. The song has become integral to our band and our live shows. We last played it live on Kimmel a little over 2 months ago, which now feels like a distant memory from a bizarre alternate reality. Despite the looming anxiety of those final pre-quarantine days, that performance felt especially cathartic for us and was made all the more poignant by having Amelia on stage with us. She not only lent us her incredible voice but she wrote a beautiful new verse that taps into the nostalgia and the longing we all feel for a different time.“

​Amelia Meath​:

“It was a joy to dip into summertime with Local Natives- Dark Days is a beautiful illustration of being young, riding bikes, and trying to figure out how to love on and be vulnerable with someone. It was an honor to be asked to write a new verse and lend my voice to the story.”

Small Forward – “Delicate Days”

By Will Oliver, May 21st 2020

Small Forward is the Los Angeles-based recording project of Rounak Maiti, Michael Stevenson, and Campbell Scott. The trio met in college in L.A. and started garnering attention after sharing demos online and playing local shows in the DIY community.

On May 20th they released their self-titled debut album and today we are sharing with you one of the highlights of the record, “Delicate Days.”
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David Ramirez – “My Love Is A Hurricane”

By Will Oliver, May 21st 2020

Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez wowed us last month with the release of his track “I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom.”

He’s since announced that he has a brand new album on the way entitled My Love Is A Hurricane, which is set to release on July 17 via Sweetworld Records / Thirty Tigers.

Today we have the brand new single and title track, which is a larger scale and more orchestrated effort from his latest single, but one that puts his soulful vocals on full display.

Enjoy a listen to the new track below.

The big question surrounding the world of cinema is regarding Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster, Tenet. As of now, Warner Bros still has the film penciled in for its July date but that is obviously still a big question mark given the state of the world with Covid-19, so much so that the latest trailer ends with “Coming to Theaters”.
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Excepchonal – “Theez Lynez”

By Will Oliver, May 21st 2020

Excepchonal is an activist, poet, writer, and rapper from Columbus, Ohio. She recently caught our attention with the release of her brand new single “Theez Lynez.”

The track instantly soothes the soul with some ultra chill beats and colorful production elements that pave the way for her thoughtful lyricism to shine through. There’s a smart jazzy nature to the track that feels a bit different from a lot of the crop of present-day hip-hop, with Excepchonal confidently rising to the task of offering a personal commentary that stands out.
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