meija is the moniker of LA-based producer and songwriter Jamie Sierota, who will return with his sophomore album, There’s Always Something, on October 25th via Nettwerk.

He’s recently returned with new single “SEVEN” which features Hand Habits. It’s a hearty blend of alt-country and indie-folk with a twang to it and some old school storytelling told through a modern sensibility and well paired with the vocals of Hand Habits.

Speaking on the track, Sierota adds:

This record ended up being much more internal than the previous one. I was thinking about family a lot. There’ve been several deaths in the family recently. The past two years have been re-examining the past 10 years of my life and reconstructing things. I started a family of my own when I left my sibling band. That was an interesting dynamic of leaving family to have my own. I realized that some of the things I thought I was over, I wasn’t. I buried it instead of facing it. I was surprised how hard it was to get into the headspace to finish some of these songs when the subject felt too heavy or personal. This process really showed me my strengths are my ultimately weaknesses and vice versa.”

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