Photo by Bridget Badore

Evelyn is the moniker of songwriter Dani Lencioni, a California native now living in New York’s Hudson Valley.

She’s recently returned with new single, “I’m A Dog,” a love song about attachment theory. There’s a warm inviting blend of alt-country and folk songwriting with some keen instrumentation perfectly paired with the stirring and emotive vocals that pack a distinct emotional crunch and sense of vivid storytelling.

Detailing the track, she adds:

The song explores a series of dissonances: the way present reality can be eclipsed by past experience; the way love can feel so sweeping and hopeful while also feeling so mortifyingly vulnerable; the way even the most secure relationship doesn’t cure a predisposition for loneliness—especially if you spend all your time in your own head instead of seeing the connection and care right in front of you. 

Enjoy a listen to “I’m A Dog” now below.

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