Where’s Beth is the folk-pop project of NYC songwriter Sarabeth Weszely, who has returned with their dreamy new single “Devotion.”

The ethereal dream pop track has a gorgeous warm sense of production with a sun-soaked nature with a pretty polish and airy floaty nature about it. A blend of pop, synth pop, dream rock and indie folk all collide into something magical in its own unique way.

Or as Weszely puts it:

Devotion is about anger, forgiveness, and reconciling with the past. I wrote it as a response to painful experiences I had growing up as a girl in the American evangelical church. The time when I wrote the song was a time of simultaneous disillusionment and re-enchantment, letting go of “devotion” to harmful beliefs and leaders while preserving and growing my devotion to life and to love (and to one person in particular; I was engaged when I wrote the song). The song reflects both disillusionment and re-enchantment: the rhythm and dynamic swells create a sense of release while the soft layered guitars and vocals create a lush landscape that invites settledness and growth.

Enjoy a listen now below.

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