Ghost Fan Club is the project of Florida’s Tyler Costolo, who will return with his new self-titled EP on July 5th via Knifepunch Records.

Ahead of its release he’s shared single “Shoulders”, a track that sees him face his own inner sadness. It’s a blend of 90s indie rock with a bit of Modest Mouse and traces more recently of Alex G, a very contemplative and hypnotic take on the genre.

Speaking on the track, he adds:

“This is a song trying to make peace with my own inner sadness. I’m prone to depression and sleepless nights. The line “I tried to kill myself before I was born” is true in a round about way. I was completely wrapped in the umbilical cord and was suffocating. I was basically dark purple when I was born due to a lack of oxygen.”

Enjoy a listen now below.

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