Old Sea Brigade, the alias of singer-songwriter Ben Cramer, has returned with his new single “Polygraph.”

It’s a gentle and stirring slice of indie folk with a bit of a 90s sensibility to its style and production, and graceful storytelling. It’s poignant, intimate, and full of a sense of magic and wonder. Speaking on the track, he adds:

“‘Polygraph’ is a song all about the fear of the unknown and how that can manifest into anxiety. It’s about when you take a big step into a new phase in your life when those big changes actually happen, and you suddenly freak out and wonder… ‘was this the right step?’ but you feel bad for even thinking that. ‘Polygraph’ is about riding that out, letting it pass, and is meant to be an antidote to all that, to remind you… you don’t have to slow-dance with the next thought you have.”

Enjoy a listen now below.

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