French pop artist Christine and the Queens returned with new single “rentrer chez moi” last month, a song that they wrote, composed, and produced.

It’s an endearing and heartbreaking slow-burn pop ballad that touches you deeply with its contemplative vocals and fitting vibrant production. Gorgeous in every way, it’s a stirring effort that got a wonderful treatment with its music video, directed by Sasha Mongin.

Speaking on the track, Chris adds:

This song makes me cry because it is true, so much love I have for you, this deep decision to always stay honest – for the dance to be then the shared moment, the joyful celebration. One moment together. A wholesome surrender. One love, from one to the next, before I danced for this video I listened to Barbara

I remember 

Her dancing in the living room, her approach of movement 

A celebration, 

A sharing 

A dance that would express the inside of you, as poem 

Find the music video available to watch below.

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