Manchester singer-songwriter Caoilfhionn Rose is preparing for the release of her new album Constellation, which will be out on May 24th via Gondwana Records.

We previously shared lead single “Rainfall” and today we shared new single “Josephine.” It’s a warm and inviting, yet equally ethereal blend of dreamy folk that cast a spell that lingers firmly in the air. Like a freeing walk through the woods after a rainfall, it feels like a purging of the past of sorts.

Or as Rose puts it:

The concept behind this song sprung from thinking about myself when I was younger and what I would like to tell others like me with a lot of worries going through difficult times. It is about being bold ‘no hurry, don’t hide’, allowing things to unfold. The chorus ‘little fires, let them burn’ is about getting perspective and finding that inner spark that keeps us going and persevering. It’s called ‘Josephine’ after my friend’s little girl, it was a working title but then it seemed to suit the song so it stuck.

Enjoy a listen to “Josephine” now below.

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