Swiss indie outfit Soft Loft recently released their new album, The Party And The Mess, on March 22nd.

Closing out the album is the highlight and closing track “The Party And The Mess”, a folk ballad that takes its time gestating into something absolutely heartbreaking and fragile in the most genuine nature. It’s a piercing yet natural style of songwriting that delivers a swift and devastating blow.

Speaking on the song, the band’s Jorina Stamm adds:

The phrase “The Party And The Mess, which became a song and the album title, comes from my grandmother. When I used to visit her at her retirement home, she would tell me that when she knows it’s time to go, she wants to put on her favorite red dress and throw a big party with lots of champagne! So, on the one hand, it’s a tribute to her, but it’s also an ode to life: the big party and mess of it all.

Enjoy a listen to the song below and find the album available to listen and buy at Bandcamp

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