French musician ALIAS will return soon with his new album EMBRACE CHAOS this Friday via Simone Records.

“EMPTY HEAD” is a seductive single from the track that gives us a preview of whats to come. It’s a genre-bending track with elements of industrial, electronic, and rock, with even hip-hop verses and influences, combining into something that just feels larger than life.

Speaking on “EMPTY HEAD” he says:

“My intention when I created this song was to blend fuzz into hip-hop elements. I had this idea to mix a fuzzy bass with a drum machine and use all the broken cymbals I had and placed them on the floor to create this noisy percussion on the beat. The first 8 bars I recorded really made me want to have Cadence Weapon featured on this track. Kroy and I worked on a few projects together before and I needed to have her unique darkness into the song…EMPTY HEAD is about all the weird and bad sides of ourselves that, in a strange way, we embrace.”

Stay tuned for the LP this Friday and for now, enjoy a listen to “EMPTY HEAD” below.

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